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  1. Well, I just did it. After 19 years with a PRO1, I finally upgraded to a PRO3. I can't really believe it myself, and I feel compelled to write my first post on this forum, to share this with the only group of people I know that can appreciate the magnitude of the moment. What can I say. I loved my PRO1. I remember vividly my first visit with George and seeing the machine, and knowing right away that I had to have it, and that I had to get rid of my 3A as fast as I could. Jack at GPI-PRO had called to tell me about this new sled when it came out. "You are going to like this one. You can set it up just like your PRO1. Same foot print, same height, same length, same weight, and more importantly same feel" I went to see it and I knew on the spot, that he was probably right. However, I couldn't bring myself to make the switch.... too busy, too lazy, too emotionally attached to number 52. There were always a reason not to do it. Finally, I had no choice. I'm starting a new feature where I will be switching constantly between Film/ 2D red / 3D red and I knew that the PRO1 would not cut it. Well, now I have seen the light and since then I keep asking myself, "Why did I wait so long to do this?" As all of you who are using it already know, this is a great sled, far superior to my old one in every aspect. It is a great combo between the old and the new the way I see it. Finally Jacques, welcome to the 21st century! Jacques Jouffret
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