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  1. A bunch of offers but no finalized sale. Good batts for a good price. Make an offer I'd like to sell asap!
  2. I am selling my IDX EHL 10DS Batteries with the IDX IDVL4s Charger. I am going onto a job that uses all Anton Bauer so I decided to convert. The batteries were purchased new in October 2015 and are in perfect working condition. Each battery now sells for approximately $282 and the charger sells for approximately $868 totaling $3,406. I am hoping to get $2500. Will ship anywhere in US, buyer pays shipping. Contact me at 860-237-0754 or at devinmladd@gmail.com
  3. I have two MDR-2's for sale. I have recently upgraded to MDR 3 and would like to sell these off. They literally just came off a show, are in great working order, upgraded to G4 and Blue Dot, and are now available for a quick sale. Along with the MDR'2 I have Arri 24 volt power and Arri run cables for each, as well as two interface cables (usually $600 each). I also have one PTAP power cable that will go with one of the bundles. I would prefer to sell bundles together, but if you are interested in cables please let me know. MDR 2 Blue Dot G4 Serial #1020 MDR 2 Blue Dot G$ Serial #2299 (2) MDR 2 Arri 24 Volt Power Cable (2) MDR 2 Arri Run Cables (2) MDR2 Serial Interface Cables (1) MDR2 Ptap Power Cables I am in NYC and can ship anywhere (buyer pays shipping). Please feel free to reach out at devinmladd@gmail.com
  4. I am regretfully selling my amazing starter sled, the Ultra 1. I am selling because I recently upgraded to a more powerful rig to eventually get the artemis trinity setup. I also am expecting a baby boy in april so I need to make some room! I bought this sled from James Baldanza a few years back and it has been nothing but great. I am looking to get $12,000 for the sled (and hard case), a steadicam stand, IDX Battery Charger, (7) E-HL9s IDX Batteries (one of which charging lights doesn't work anymore), a bunch of cables, and I am throwing in the IDX Camwave HD/SDI wireless transmitter which even though you don't see around anymore still works in a jam. The sled was recently serviced by Tiffen, I have had it upgraded with an HD/SDI line, as well as changing out the old gimbal to the new steadicam ultra 2 gimbal. There is a third battery plate on the bottom of the sled, and has three different options for battery placement for power. This sled is a super post (27" to 71") so it can go super high mode or super low mode very quickly and easily. It still has the fore/aft - left/right top stage wireless trim control which is one of the few sleds that still has this amazing option. The tilt stage works like a wonderfully and maintains dynamic balance regardless of where you want to angle the camera. I bought an HD/SDI wondland monitor to replace the super bright monitor from Tiffen because it was an older SD monitor and I wanted the HD. It is a cheaper monitor, but works wonderfully and I have rarely had a problem with the light. It can be powered off the sled or with an IDX battery on it's back. This setup also comes with three camera plates (two long and 1 short), three posts (12", 3.5" and 5"), the ultra 1 low mode handle which has been upgraded to work with this ultra 2 gimbal, a 12V power cable, arri alexa power cable, a few BNC cables, the redbyte decimator downconverter (for use with Tiffen superbright as a backup), cables for the decimator made by konash, and also power cables for MDR2 and MDR3 systems. Please feel free to call or email with any questions. Devin Ladd 860-237-0754 devinmladd@gmail.com
  5. Hey, Alfeo. Is the cable still available? Where are you located?
  6. Hey, George. Is the panavusion power cable still available? I'd like to buy it if so. My cell is 860-237-0754. Please text/call anytime. I live in NYC. Thanks!
  7. Norris, I would like to buy the motor if it's still available. Sent a pm. Thanks!
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