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  1. Tristan S. Chavez

    Chili Pepper Labs DREAM HD Tx/Rx for sale!

    price drop $8000
  2. Looking for a Preston F+I handset if anyone is selling one. Message me or shoot me a text @ 909-618-4920 Tristan
  3. Tristan S. Chavez

    Preston Focus Iris Handset

    items still for sale?
  4. Tristan S. Chavez

    Preston Single Channel (Focus / Iris)

    was this still for sale!!
  5. Tristan S. Chavez

    TB6/PDL for Sale

    price drop $1600.00
  6. Tristan S. Chavez

    Chili Pepper Labs DREAM HD Tx/Rx for sale!

    Price Drop... $9000.00
  7. Tristan S. Chavez

    TB6/PDL for Sale

    Selling a great TB6 with mount and cable with PDL that has been modified with V Lock. Both items work great. TB6 has small chip visible in the photo. Asking $1800.00 for both entertaining all offers. Message or text me. (909)618-4920
  8. Hey All!!! Selling my Flanders CM171 monitor. Has light use in the past few years new screen and hasn't been used since. Functions like new. May need a firmware update but thats it. Comes with AB Gold Mount Plate, Power Cable, Voltage meter hard wired in to the AB plate, and pelican case. Asking $1700 but hey make an offer. Shoot me a text if you have any questions. 909-618-4920
  9. Tristan S. Chavez

    Chili Pepper Labs DREAM HD Tx/Rx for sale!

    bump and better pictures
  10. Tristan S. Chavez

    Preston FIZ

    will you sell the DM5 alone?
  11. Tristan S. Chavez

    Chili Pepper Labs DREAM HD Tx/Rx for sale!

    Price Drop to $10,000.00
  12. Tristan S. Chavez

    Preston HU3 MDR2 + Single channel F/I unit

    willing to sell the single channel separately?
  13. Hey all!!! Selling my Chili Pepper Labs DREAM HD wireless system! Range of 3000' with zero latency! A great system and works fantastic. Comes with the following: Pelican 1450 Case 1 - DREAM Transmitter with SDI in and out, HDMI in as well (3pin Fischer power) 2 - DREAM Receiver with DUAL SDI out, HDMI out, Manual channel selection and on screen signal strength read out per antenna. (4pin xlr power in and gold mount power plate) 1 - DREAM flat panel array antenna with hot shoe mounts and antenna cables. Cables: 1 - short bnc 2 - long bnc 1 - 3pin to 3pin power 1 - D-tap to 3 pin power 1 - D-tap to dual 4pin xlr 1 - female 4pin xlr to 3 pin power 5 - antenna array cable 1 - AC/DC power supply 15 - 5DBI antennas Asking $12,000.00 for the entire package but will entertain all offers. Available for pickup in Pasadena, CA or able to ship. Buyer pays shipping. If interested or have any questions please text me at (909)618-4920.
  14. Tristan S. Chavez

    Walter Klassen Vehicle Mount

  15. Hey guys and gals. Selling a full Walter Klassen Vehicle Mount kit that is in great shape!!! Config B or "Standard" setup Asking $1200 for everything listed below. Local Pick up is available or buyer pays shipping. Kit include: Vehicle mount Mitchell plate Tie-down knob Manfrotto clamp - 2" clamp dia. Clamp reducers - 2" to 1.5" clamp dia. Stainless steel fasteners Case Any questions please contact me at (909)618-4920 and located in Pasadena, Ca.