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  1. Alpha wheels still avalible?

  2. Movi and artcher 2 still avalible?

  3. Bump. Ready Rig sold. 1A Wheels: $1500 Movi package: $4400
  4. Bump. Still for sale. Great rig. Just flew it the other day.
  5. Bump, Movi, 1A wheels and Ready Rig still avail. wheels: $1600 Ready Rig: $1500 Movi: $4600
  6. Bump. Arm has been serviced by Tiffen. $23,500 sled and arm plus accessories.
  7. BUMP Dock, 1" weights, Ninja Star w/ Mitchell tie down SOLD Make an offer on everything else.
  8. Hi Tristan, I am selling 6x AB XT90 batteries and a quad charger.
  9. Selling 6x AB XT90's with AB quad charger. I used these on my Alexa Mini that I recently sold and my sled is setup in v-mount. Buyer pays shipping. Over $5k new, selling for $2500. Bought brand new in March of '20. Also comes in the Pelican Air case.
  10. Bump Cloud Mount Pro was SOLD New price on components. 1A Wheels w/ Alpha Link s bus XR - $2000 Ready Rig Vega - $2000 Movi Pro w/ ignite offsets and ignite TB50 battery adapters - $5000 (I’d prefer to sell all MōVI accessories with the rig) (If there is something you want, let me know and I’ll let you know the price) 8 DJI TB50’s w/ 2 quad chargers - $750 Also, quick note on the Mimic. It works great. Battery life isn’t great though, as I’ve heard with a lot of them. When I’m using it, I keep it connected to an external battery pack similar to what your phone would use.
  11. Bump. Arm has been sent to Tiffen for a cleaning and to make sure all is in working order for the next buyer.
  12. Bump Let me know what components you want quoted. All reasonable offers considered.
  13. Bump Let me know what components you’d like and I’ll quote you.
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