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  1. Bump. $24,500 with vest. A great starter rig. All you need is batteries and a monitor.
  2. Bump. Kit now includes my Ultra 2 vest as I’ve upgraded to a Pro vest. Vest works great. Rip in one shoulder pad but doesn’t affect how it fits. Minor scuffs. new kit price: $25k.
  3. Bought a pro vest so selling this one. It’s fully functional but could maybe use some new shoulder pads. See pics. Domestic sale only. $2500
  4. Bump. Have had some interest but I’m not breaking up the package and only selling within the United States.
  5. Does anybody use this new 5” for a low mode monitor? Seeing if it works well with the rigs with the SDI’s and power input on the bottom.
  6. Alpha wheels still avalible?

  7. Movi and artcher 2 still avalible?

  8. Bump. Ready Rig sold. 1A Wheels: $1500 Movi package: $4400
  9. Bump, Movi, 1A wheels and Ready Rig still avail. wheels: $1600 Ready Rig: $1500 Movi: $4600
  10. Bump. Arm has been serviced by Tiffen. $23,500 sled and arm plus accessories.
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