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  1. I also have the Volt setup. When I rotate the gimbal left and right under weight, the sled pans as well even when my hand is not on the gimbal sleeve. I’m shooting in Utah and the temp yesterday morning was 9 degrees on set. Thinking it has something to do with the cold but I have been using a hairdryer to heat it up and seems better but it’s still not “loosey goosey” when I move the the gimbal left or right. The sled essentially pans by itself when I move the gimbal. Any thoughts?
  2. Has anybody ever had vibration issues while in low mode? They are micro vibrations that happen during a low mode shot. They always happen for me. Operating the rig doesn't feel any different for me and I don't feel the vibrations physically, but it is evident in the footage. Could it be a volt/gimbal issue?
  3. Hey Geoffrey, I have this combo and I have never been let down with the Archer2 and G50X. I have flown a lot of Alexa Classics with heavy panavision lenses while having an oboard battery on the cam and my arm still had plenty of room for lift adjustment. Strip what you can off the heavy cams and you'll be fine. Also having power cables to fly different cams is great. I recently flew an XT with some heavy lenses and I had the AC take off the top handle and eyepiece. I have lots of Alexa Mini and Red jobs and I seem to always add more to the cam to make it heavier. The arm performs better with some weight on it. I have never had to say no to a setup yet with this combo. Hope this helps.
  4. Hello, I'm looking to rent a Wave 1 for 1 day in Palma De Mallorca. Seeing if there is an operator or rental house that has one somewhere in Spain.
  5. Does anybody know if the new Rainbow FHD will have a horizon level built in to the software?
  6. Hello everybody, I am wanting to pull the trigger on the SBL RainbowHD after being around it the last few shoots. I am currently using the Marshall monitor that came with the Archer2. I have been searching around the forums and online and can't seem to find the answer to my question. I'd love to use the Archer2 yoke if possible to save some money, and I know Transvideo sells the dogbone attachments, but I'm unclear if they will work on the Rainbow 7", however I know they work with the HD6 and HD8. I was looking at their yokes on their website and it doesn't seem that the yoke tilts. The monitor tilts with the constant torque knobs, but from what I see it doesn't look like the yoke tilts. This would be a deal breaker. And I have looked at the cam jam, but I'm not entirely sure if their yoke works with the Rainbow 7". Any ideas as to what my best option would be utilizing the factory yoke of the Archer2? Any other advice. Thanks guys! Josh
  7. Hi Ryan, I just purchased an Archer2 on March 11th. Dan Ikeda from Tiffen told me that prices were going up in April and to put in my order before then. He didn't specify why, but rather that prices were just increasing.
  8. Just curious what the post diameter is on the Archer2. Can't seem to find any info on that specifically.
  9. What is her direct email? Having trouble finding it on their site.
  10. Just wanted to see if anybody has had trouble contacting WP Dolle for insurance. I have tried contacting Tonya twice over the last few weeks, left 2 messages and haven't heard anything back.
  11. Thanks everybody for the feedback. This is very valuable to me as I'm looking to buy used.
  12. And also, what is the process one would go about to see the item in person before purchase?
  13. Let's say I purchase a rig from the marketplace and rig is located in UK or Europe. Shipping to Texas. Are there taxes I would have to pay shipping it back? Any paperwork to be done for both countries? Just wondering what people have done on this forum when buying.
  14. Awesome! I used Alan's balance instructions on another post and it was a lot easier. I now have no merlin weights at the bottom and dynamic balance is very good. The gimbal sits about 1 1/2" from the stage and operates great. Thanks guys!
  15. Great thanks! I moved the WEVI up near the camera, the gimbal is now closer to the stage, however, I have not been able to perfectly dynamic balance it like it was before. It's close, but not perfect. :P Which brings me to my next question...How perfect does dynamic balance have to be? Is there a little wiggle room for a tiny amount of wobble? It's back to the game of spin, move, spin, move. :D
  16. I have a question about the gimbal in relation to the stage. I'm going to be shooting the Canon C500. I have a WEVI wireless on the back of the sled as well as an AB Dionic 90. Since it is a little back heavy, and the C500 form factor is a little compact, I added a 2 pound weight to the back of the camera that is sitting on 15mm rails. This spread out the camera weight for a better CG because it was so back heavy at the bottom of the sled. My drop time is just under 2 seconds, and my monitor is where I want it. I've also added 4 Merlin weights to the front under the monitor. I've extended the sled about 6" down. Please see this video of the balance and gimbal position. My gimbal is sitting about 6" below the stage. Is having the gimbal higher near the stage ideal? I realize the more you extend the post the more the gimbal drops. Just wondering if I could be having a better position on the gimbal. Also, if you see something on the video I could have done better, please let me know. I'm new to Steadicam. Thanks!
  17. Thanks for the input Victor. I'm sure I'll have questions on this.
  18. Robert, After reading your post, my initial thoughts of renting the gear to better my skills now carries more weight. I'm definitely no expert yet at operating and you're right, at $400/ day, why not? I'm pretty sure it is available most of the time anyway after talking to the owner, who I've known for years. I've been looking at the market place since I've joined so I'm on there constantly. Thanks again for the great info!
  19. Very good info Robert. Thanks! I have only had a few gigs for steadicam recently. I have another 2 in the next few weeks, so you could say I'm really starting out. There is a local shop here that rents the Zephyr for $400/day. I would love to own the gear, which brings me to Mikes question of what is my budget. The $12k for the Zephyr sounds enticing, and I understand that this rig is very limited in types of cameras it can fly. I'm ultimately looking to get started at this point. $34K for a Pro isn't in my price range(although I'd love to have it), niether is a slightly bigger rig than the Zephyr, the Archer. The 10 years I've been doing production, the cameras haven't been huge, but I want to be doing the big shoots eventually. I've seen guys on this forum selling their smaller rigs and upgrading because they've gotten the bigger gigs. I'm trying to break in and just searching for answers. Thanks so much for the info, it really helps. BTW, haha to Jens comment!
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