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  1. Wow Nils, thank you so much for your extensive reply! Now I know everything about the vest and its history, I also checked out earlier threads about Progear stuff. This helped me so much more than the useless hours spent trying a Google pics search :) Regards, Leo
  2. Hi guys, recently purchased a stabilizing system (my first one, so I'm pretty excited) that included this vest. I got the Glidecam Gold sled and arm, but this is not the Glidecam Gold vest...some parts like the little knobs look like Steadicam Tiffen, but I'm not sure. Anyone seen this model before? Would be helpful to know, in case I need some replacement parts in the future. Regards, Leo
  3. I feel like a real dork now after reading this thread - some funny comments though :) Here's the Chinese Steadicam knockoff I bought a few weeks ago on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/GMCAM-cy-009-Upgrade-steadicam-Stabilizer-Steadycam-/290920342003 - I really hope it's not TOO bad. If it's total crap, I think I'll save my money for a Steadicam Pilot.
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