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  1. -urgent - 2/11/20 any operators in the Tucson/ Phoenix area willing to rent me a RF focus system or know where I can rent one ? need it for 2/12/20 - 2/13/20 text or call me at 310-993-0667 thanks
  2. Like Jerry said, try at least 4 vests with a decent size load on them each one will have a different feel. The Klassen back mount , the Exo vest , the tiffen vest and the Pro vest They are all very different
  3. Im interested, how much you want for just the sled?
  4. Dam that Jim . . . . . so stuck in his ways over there at Jimmy Jib . . . . LOL I don't know anyone in AZ who has one.
  5. If you live in AZ, go by Stanton and ask to borrow one to try out for the day. if your in LA, I may have one for you
  6. ---------------------------------Hi Hugo, Thanks for the phone call , I can fix my bottom section so if the other guy needs it please help him out, if that falls through let me know Thanks again for reaching out You da man
  7. Hey Taj, I'll take the stand , tray and the bag Give me a call or Text at 310-993-0667 Let me know where to send the money and/ or drop it off to you and pick up the stand
  8. http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=18997 Cable Wallet I designed for Jerry Hill $25
  9. Hi Peeps, I'm looking for a bottom section for an old EFP, anyone have an old EFP or parts they may want to part with? Thanks Hit me at +1 310-993-0667. USA or RobVski@aol.com Thanks Peace Out Rob Vuona
  10. I think with that little rig you could customize a storm case 2950 and fit almost everything in one case.
  11. I always try to make it at least one day,, not sure about this year yet
  12. James you done? Give me cal lets talk 310-993-0667, maybe we can swing a deal
  13. Its very common break for the EFP, Double wall the sides with aluminum plates to strengthen the integrity of the bottom connection to the post and then use a aluminum plate to make a flat bottom.
  14. Cambodia is amazing, try to visit the temples and the floating village, they are amazing. Keep your permits with you at all times, have a local assist with you at all times. above all have fun
  15. Hi Jorge, What Jordan and Jens said is good advice, Greg Bubb is top notch, as is the XCS and his design does reduce vibration by design. It's a non conventional design and takes some getting used to adjusting the for and aft and side to side on the bottom. The Pro is also a great rig, solid construction and like you said classic design. You never mentioned the Tiffen Steadicam sled, may I ask why? The M-1 or the Shadow-V incorporate all the best features from all of the sleds on the market with more options. I think you cant go wrong with any of the three as far as a professional rig that is going to last you, but what features are you going to have to do without or modify for the kind of flying that you are doing becomes the question. JM2C Fly safe
  16. Mike, Why Fly the Turtle Stand if your already flying your cart. ?
  17. Your cases are looking good young jeti . . . . LOL . . . You have the travel case for the cart, correct? I ask because having that much advertisement is asking for it to be taken. As for your sled case and the lid organizer, is it attached with screws? and what did you put in your vest case? and on the lid of the vest case?
  18. Pedro, get the fiber jumper, flying the main fiber cable is just a lost cause and will never give your operating a fare chance
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