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  1. Joseph Arena SOC

    Preston HU2 -MDR-Microforce V+F

    Still Available make an offer !!
  2. Joseph Arena SOC

    Preston HU2 -MDR-Microforce V+F

  3. Joseph Arena SOC

    Preston HU2 -MDR-Microforce V+F

    Still for sale!! Make an offer
  4. Joseph Arena SOC

    Preston HU2 -MDR-Microforce V+F

  5. Selling my back up Preston set. HU2 , MDR, Microforce, Omnishot , 8 focus rings, 8 camand cables (Arri, Panavision, Sony F55, ) microforce bracket . Make an offer .For more pictures and info joseph.arena@gmail.com
  6. Hello Joseph. Are you by chance still interested in a Preston HU3? If so I may have one available for you. Please feel free to get in touch. jordan.levie@gmail.com

  7. Joseph Arena SOC

    8 Inch Transvideo X-SBL

    Is this unit still available ?
  8. Joseph Arena SOC

    HU3 Preston Handset

    Is this it still available?
  9. Joseph Arena SOC

    Pro Gyros Inverter

    Looking to buy the old Pro original Pro Gyro inverter , My board got fried and I need a new one .
  10. Brand new Omnishot FIZ battery adapter , I just got it last week , I have another unit I am using and no need for 2 ,make an offer ,new plus tax $458.00. joseph.arena@gmail.com
  11. Joseph Arena SOC

    Pro 2 Recorder Mount

    Looking for a Pro 2 Recorder mount for Anton Bauer HC .
  12. Joseph Arena SOC

    Pro Recorder mount gen 2

    Looking for a Pro recorder mount Gen 2 latest version for the HC Anton Bauer Batteries . Please contact me at joseph.arena@gmail.com
  13. Selling my Bartech complete system ,the unit is in great shape since it is my back Up , It comes with a Motor , Rods Bracket for the receiver( easy to remove) and many cables. -Bartech hand Unit -Bartech receiver -Rods Receiver Bracket -Cinema product Motor -2 Limo 5 Motor Cables -2 Fisher 11 to BFD power Cable -1 Fisher 3 to BFD power cable -1 Fisher 3 RS to BFD power cable -1 xlr 4 to BFD power Cable - P tap to BFD Power Cable - Pro to BFD Power Cable - 2 Hand Unit Antennas - 2 Receiver Antennas - 1 Receiver right angle Antenna - 1 Hand Unit to receiver command Cable Make an offer !! Feel free to contact me joseph.arena@gmail.com
  14. Joseph Arena SOC

    Pro DB2 FOR SALE

    Pro DB2 For sale Preston T Bracket gen. 2 ,recently serviced by Jack at GPI, make an offer . Feel free to contact me at joseph.arena@gmail.com