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  1. Ruben's app for the AR Omega is fantastic. all moneys aside, I tried the Letus Helix Pro and immediately felt it was the right tool for me. with both power and video passthrough, the camera is able to freely execute 360 rolls and just keep going. one can make use of an iOS app, a joystick (for operator) or an RC control. LEtus has different models with different weight capacities. cheers
  2. post video in the Facebook group. lots of help there. but I feel you need to make it heavy! and practice the walk.
  3. I had one. is a "solid" Sled "rig".the arm blows. suffers from the typical flaws of its design. it locks at both extremes, noisy, etc. vest was ok. Raven v2 sled looks a lot better. I had V1, I didn't like how far the top stage is to the docking ring. makes one extend the post too long to find drop time. I had the quirky monitor and battery mounts, replaced those with a camjam monitor mount as soon as I could. on the other hand. the post is loooooong. you can scrape the floor and ceiling if you need to. 2" post d is very nice to handle. that being said. once I tried a Master series w/ a few
  4. The advice and help experience operators have given me.in.here and in the facebook groups is invaluable. I can say with confidence that a MS rig With the HDSDI upgrade, the 12v/24v wiring/switch/fuse, new monitor mount and a gyro can handle just about anything. Consider Mauricio at Calicocam if you want to.get rid of the k-section. Currently saving.up to.get one.of my.MS to Mauricio.
  5. I just had my MS HDSDI lines and connectors upgraded. Not hard at all, specially if you got the top stage off, the rest is simple. A few guys in the USA cam so it. I recommend @steadikoon on Instagram
  6. what works for me. I wear layers. I wear long sleeve light cotton shirt and a dickies or Columbia shirt sleeve fishing shirt over that. I try not to let the first sweat of the day evaporate of my skin. I don't expose any parts of my arms or torso to the sun. that keeps my sweat undercontrol until lunch break, then I change. from the waist down, thats another thing. Give Tommy Jones underwear a try. go full synthetic. money well spent there. and I use Columbia shorts. ventilation is key for the undercarriage. happy flying
  7. Hey Kevin, I have an HTC phone and the BT dongle came with it. It work so well to find my car keys or phone that I use it now for my case
  8. I lock everything in my cases except my phone. All cases are on a magliner sr. I use my phone with the level app on the monitor mount. I also have Bluetooth dongles on the cases. If they get moved my phone app alerts me.
  9. With the help of several generous veterans I have a master series sled and master arm that fly's great. It is humbling the amount of support I found in here and in the facebook groups. Don't discard the classics. The HDSDI upgrade is intimidating to do, but not impossible. Most Broken parts can be machine locally. And companies like calicocam can completely MOD the k-section and electronics.
  10. do check Maurizio Aloi Calicocam
  11. i use a lanparte battery/HDMI splitter. it gives me 2 cdmi outs i take one to feed a parallinx transmitter, the other goes to hdmi to composite and I send that signal down my master to monitor. there is a small delay when doing that.
  12. my 2c. im a big guy 6'02" 250+ and can't imagine using anything else but "old" basketball shoes, I remove the factory insert and replace with gels. i even found an classic pair of nikes without shoe laces, just velcro straps. i may look ridiculously hipster, but my feet never hurt.
  13. Hi Janice, Quick question. How do you remove the rivets on the lower buckle of the vest? I know I can get a rivet gun at home depot but is there a tool to safely remove rivets?
  14. Thank you for the tip, I ordered a few.
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