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  1. Hi Adi Saw you sold the unit already. Does it record 1080 or just display 1080? or both? thanks!
  2. Separating now Sold: Microforce and cables DM2, 90/90 cable and hill bracket Rest up for grabs
  3. Serviced and ready to go. Few scratches but 100% reliable. Asking 5200. All rings and a blank 4 batteries and a charger
  4. Serviced and ready to go. Few scratches but 100% reliable. Asking 5200. 4 batteries and a charger
  5. Hi Janice Where do they ship from? How much for 2 x 5 lb plates and 4 post? Thanks
  6. 20k OBO Not separating just yet Well maintained, serviced and reliable! A few scratches but a great system Brain and Handset MDR 2 G4 Blue Dot HU3 w all rings and a blank Cables 3 motor cables 32 90/90 24 90-straight 24 90/90 1 x Arri 11-pin on/off 1 x pany 10 pin male/female on/off 1 x y cable 3 pin fisher on/off/power combo Microforce cable 12 inch and 20 inch 1 x command cable Motors and Brackets DM1 X DM2 x 2 48 pitch 64 pitch Hill brackets x 3 D Clamp extension 4 x red reduction bushings 4 x blue reduction bushings 4 x batts
  7. Just ordered an intersex plate with the xlr adapter. A useful design would be to have the xlr port pointed downwards so there is more room to attach accessories to. This is helpful for steadicam especially.
  8. Hit me with the cam jam details. Interested if its avail. Thanks Julian Juliandela@gmail.com
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