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  1. Hi James, I would be very interested. im based in UK. I would of corse pay shipping. please email me henrylandgrebe@hotmail.com
  2. Ron How it going? Ive got a week on the beach next week with ether rig so im gonna order MXT . Been looking into swapping my Transvideo to Small HD 703 . Its definitely the way forward. Don't suppose you have a spare one you want to sell with a yoke? Really just wanted to Thank you for advice. Fly safe. All the best. Henry
  3. Please contact me direct on henrylandgrebe@hotmail.com thank you Henry
  4. Hi Everyone Hope your all well. Im looking for a Small HD 703 ultra bright and yoke and bracket. i wonder if anyone has one they want to sell or similar? many thanks Henry
  5. Ron That is interesting. Yes the newer Transvideo's have an inverted Matrix that gives good viewing in direct sun. Unfortunately I have an older one and as I ve been in lock down I have been experimenting with regular off the shelf anti glare coverings to try and help. So despite the MTX washing out with a direct hit do you still have it on your monitor or not? Thanks for your advice Ron. Take it easy Henry
  6. Hi Ron, This a great post. Which one in your expert opinion is the best to anti glare to get. I have a transvideo 8 inch. I would be very interested . many thanks Henry
  7. Hi Im selling my trusty ,dependable and much loved Wave. I have come to love this piece of kit. Sad to see it go. Its in great condition and has been well loved. It has be serviced by Christian at Betz and had all software updates. It comes with the Wave Rider.This allows you to move the centre of gravity of the package to be nodal so that the Wave works seemlessly. It can move the camera up and down and left and right . I even have 4 extra 80mm rods for cameras that need a little bit extra height. It comes with the original Peli and power cables for Pro and D tap. Also th
  8. Hi Everyone, I hope your all well where ever you may be in the world. I have an interesting one and would love some input. Ive got a job coming up where they want me to put a tiny 180 degree VR camera on rig. The camera is no bigger that a go pro ( see link below) http://www.z-cam.com/180-vr-camera-k1-pro/ so I was thinking that it would have to go at the end of a long plate( so as not to see feet/rig) Then i would have to weight up with a weight block. I have a Pro set up with Cine Live Pro and Pro Arm. It would be great to hear from anyone who has done this sort of thing
  9. Hi there everybody, I am selling my Pro 2 package. This package was essentially bought (sled and Arm) from Chris at Optical Support in London in 2014 and the whole package has been maintained and serviced by them since the purchase. I have purchased another Pro Package so am selling this one. It is a solid package and I have never had any problems with it. It was used as my first rig and then as my back up rig. The gimble is straight and really smooth and the arm is a classic work horse that has served me well. I have flown everything from Blackmagics to Alexa 65's to Arricam
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