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  1. For sale 2 x black Pro arm Canisters. Unused. Part of an Pro arm insurance replacement package so these are surplus to requirements. based in london, UK. Happy to ship worldwide at buyers expense. £3000 + vat. + shipping. Thanks
  2. PRESTON HU3/MDR3 etc FOR SALE Great Condition Location: London, UK Preston 2 Chanel system for sale : MDR3 / HU3 / FI / 2xDM2 / cables / cases + extras £14,000 + VAT Owned since new with low/moderate use. Recently had the motors serviced at Optical Support and the HU3 software is up to date. If you’re looking at this you know what Preston’s are about this is a great system which can be easily expanded to a 3 channel system. DM me with any questions / see more pics, or to arrange a viewing. Happy to ship internationally at buyers expense. Thanks Andrew
  3. I'm selling my Steadicam Archer 1 kit (I bought it off James Davies via this forum a little under two years ago). I’ve been using this rig for two years now, its handled everything from c300’s to Alexa builds and I’ve really loved it - I am selling due to upgrading to a bigger rig. The rig is based in London. This is a really well looked after setup with many modifications for HD use. The arm has had an X-upgrade with Tiffen USA and works beautifully. You won’t need to service or invest any extra money in to this kit for some time. Ready to go with many accessories. This is a fantastic Steadicam Archer kit. The reputable Optical Support and Tiffen International have carried out all modifications and services since new and it had been serviced regularly. ASKING PRICE: £10,500 (O.I.R.O) No Vat. SLED: Steadicam Archer Sled serviced regularly and exclusively by Optical Support London, all modifications carried out by Optical Support London. Modifications as follows: • HD BNC connections fitted top and bottom to replace standard HD Lemo connectors feeding into the HD line within the post. • SWIT 8.4 inch HD monitor with V-lock battery plate and fitted with custom monitor yoke. • Top-stage nose replaced with Preston MDR mount plus adaptor that converts the MDR mount to a flat-mounting plate. A 3/8th captive screw included allowing you to mount alternative LCS receivers such as the Preston single-channel receiver also. • Machined top-stage lever to allow superior clamping and a more solid locking mechanism than the standard lever offered. • Tapered bayonet “Pro-style” bung fitted inside the locking mechanism of the folding lower section. This stiffens up the whole lower assembly of the sled and provides a more positive connection than standard and allows the two sections to actually be mated together as well as being clamped down by a threaded lock-ring. ARM: G50 with X-upgrade from Tiffen USA. This is basically a G50X arm now. The upgrade included the replacement with all new mechanisms and bearings throughout the arm I also had the arm serviced about two months ago. Rain Cover included. VEST: Standard LX Vest, no modifications, good condition. ACCESSORIES / BRACKETS: • Tiffen Dovetail • Tiffen Universal Low-mode Bracket • Tiffen low mode F-bracket • Baer-Bel Dovetail with rail mounts front and back • Baer-Bel Cat Griller bracket for Archer/Zephyr • Facilitates speedy swaps between steadicam/sticks without removing Steadicam dovetail • Various 3/8 inch Screws • Tiffen Docking bracket with quick-release pin • Basic tool kit including: T-handle Allen key for adjusting Vest Socket block and gimbal Allen key and t-handle screwdriver for attaching dovetails POWER: • 4 x Pag L95 V-lock batteries • 1 x IDX 2-way V-Lock Freelancer charger CABLES: • 1 x 3-pin Lemo to 4-pin XLR Power Cable • 1 x Red One Power Cable • 1 x 2B to 1B Red Power Adaptor Cable • 2 x BNC Cables CASES: • 1 x Thermodyne case • 1 x Pelican 1650 case (slight crack and chip but only cosmetic) Please note that the standard Steadicam docking bracket will be supplied. The pictures contain the Jerry Hill docking brackets with associated rings and American Grip stand that is not included. So if you’re interested please get in touch. Its a great rig, thats ready to go straight out the case. Cheers Andrew www.steadicambainbridge.com
  4. Hi there, I'm about to sell my pimped out Archer 1 package, G50x arm and Vest batts, cases etc. Let me know if you're interested and i can email over all the details/pics etc.
  5. Missed the boat. I'm gutted. Anyone got one under the sink or anything they want to get rid of? A
  6. Hey guys, does anyone in London have one I could rent, I'm striking out on all the usual renal houses. Thanks
  7. this sort of thing? http://cinescopophilia.com/porta-head-10-brushless-gimbal-prototype-on-a-steadicam-with-an-arri-alexa-camera/?utm_content=buffered4b4&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  8. Hey I saw a post the other day talking about starting a thread for the discussion of steadicam aesthetics rather as opposed to straight operating and the consensus seemed it would be best to post in general discussion so I hope this is right. Anyways I really loved that idea. I'm pretty new and inexperienced to steadicam'ing but was just so enthralled by the work in True Detective that I wanted to be all 'waaahhh' and 'wooooh' and 'nooo way!' over it Obviously there was the amazing long shot in the 4th ep that had me staring at the TV with my mouth wide open but what I loved even more was the way the steadicam felt like a character in its own right. Thats not to say you were ever aware you were watching a steadicam shot but so much of that show was about the location and the atmosphere (this article was awesome on this: http://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/deeper-meaning-true-detective-season-one/) and the steadicam work just constantly reenforced that in a way that no other cam technique could - be it those changes from really smooth to slightly looser moves or the way the back of the talent would be out of focus and the surrounds pin. It was just so considered and in tune with the tone of the show that I just bloody loved it... props.
  9. You're on the forum so I'm sure you know what the Pilot is about but If you’re thinking of getting into Steadicam this is a great place to start. This Rig is perfect for DSLR's and C300's. I've used it for about a year and have nothing but good things to say about it. I'm also including a HD to SD converter to allow you to run a hdmi feed to the monitor. it has been well looked after, always stored in its case and not been damaged or dropped. It's pretty much as new. I'm selling due to upgrading to a bigger rig. If you would like to see more pics, have any questions or if you'd like to tale a look please get in touch. youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2shQVbvVwQ - (please note different battery setup) It offers: Frictionless, Silky-Smooth Iso-Elastic Performance Huge 28" Lifting Range One-Touch Lift-Adjustment for each section Lightweight Design 5.8" LCD Color Monitor CarbonLite Expandable Center Post New Arm / Vest Interface System X-Y Vernier Adjustment of Stage Plate Operates in Standard and Low modes Professional tool-free 3-axis gimbal £2,000
  10. Hi, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. Basically a friend is in a real bind and needs me to fly a red epic on my sd pilot tomorrow afternoon. I'm pretty new at all this and have a few concerns. One that it can handle the weight and two that I can connect to the monitor. I'd really appreciate any advice on these topics and anything else I may have missed. Many thanks Andrew
  11. I guess I did haha - so to double check would something like this be sufficient : http://www.amazon.co.uk/eSynic-Digital-Composite-Converter-Xbox360/dp/B00A6STNHM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374459034&sr=8-1&keywords=hdmi+to+rca+converter I saw people talking about much more expensive units previously? Many thanks Andrew
  12. Hi guys, sorry I know this topic has been touched on elsewhere with regards to hdmi to rca converters etc but I just thought I would see if anyone has actually managed to get this set up running? I'm very new to all this and would love to get my d800 working on the pilot monitor but obviously only having a mini hdmi out is presenting some problems and I could definitely do with some advice around what I need to purchase to make it happen. Many thanks Andrew
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