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  1. Sorry, I realized there is a mistake in the posted text. The 1.5" post clamp is, as pictured, of course included. I meant the clamp adaptor ring will not be included, when you would want to use it on a smaller than 1.5" post. Apologies for the confusion. Cheers Ozzy
  2. Hi I'm selling my Artemis monitor bracket, which I was using on my Artemis Cine Broadcast Rig before. I've sold the sled two years ago and kept the monitor bracket as a backup, but figured now there is no point in keeping it. I was using the bracket with a Transvideo 6 inch x-sbl monitor, so you will be able to use it only with that monitor or monitors built identical. Please note, that the 1.5 inch post clamp is NOT included! The bracket has some scratches and signs of usage (see pics attached), but is functioning without flawlessly. The bracket is located in Berlin/Germany, so a sale within the EU would be preferred. Buyer pays shipping and money transfer fees. Price I'm asking is 1000 € EUR Cheers
  3. I also own an ArmX1. It‘s been many years that I have tested the G50x and I remember that I liked it, it‘s a good arm for sure. But, for many reasons I would go with the ArmX1, it‘s an amazingly smooth arm, very easy to handle and weighs nothing. On top, I love the mindset of Smartsystem as a company in terms of customer relations. You can always get a hold of them, they‘re very responsive and try to help as quick as possible. So yeah definitely worth its money. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone I'm selling my Flowcine high/low mode kit, which I had purchased less then a year ago to use it along with my xARM (Pro 0.625" Armpost). I have used it only once, therefore it is in pristine condition. The kit comes with two different armposts. 1 x 265mm long arm post 1 x 165mm long arm post Buyer pays for shipping and any money transfer fee that would come up. Kit is located in Berlin/Germany. Shipping within EU preferred. Price: 300 € Euro Shoot me a message if you have any questions. Cheers Ozzy
  5. I believe there is a confusion about the price. A new xARM is listed at 9500 € A set of new springcores is listed 450 €, I have two and half extra sets of springcores in this set, which would add up to 1125 € A new Raincover (not the heating cover) for the xARM goes for 80 € That's 10625 € for all the items I'm selling, if they were new I'm asking 9500 € because they're used, in very good condition!, but still used :) I hope this helps Cheers Ozzy
  6. Hi everyone I'm selling my beloved Flowcine xARM. It kind of turned into my back-up arm for a while now and I ended up not using it, that's why I decided to part ways with it, it's still a great arm though! Cosmetically as well as functionally the arm is in pristine condition (see pictures below). Package includes: -Flowcine xARM -original xARM Pelicase from Flowcine -five different sets of Springcores + one extra blue for front section (green, blue, orange, purple, grey (these are custom made and cover loads from 28-33kg) originally the xARM comes with only three different sets of Springcores), all in all eleven pieces of Springcores -the original xARM raincover from Flowcine (not to be confused with the heating cover, that comes with the arm, you purchase this one separately when you buy a new xARM) -all the original tools, maintenance fluid, paste, the heating cover and most spare parts are still in there, I'm throwing some extra maintenance fluid spray for the Springcores in there as I wouldn't need it anymore I'm asking 9500 € (Euros) for everything (+ VAT for Germany) Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees fully, preferably sale with invoice within the EU. Don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you have any questions. Fly safe! Cheers Ozzy
  7. Hi everyone Please note(!): This sale/post is for a friend. To avoid any misunderstanding, I also used to own an ARRI Artemis Cinebroadcast lower sled, but was able to sell mine, so this is a different one. I'm just helping out a friend. For sale is an ARRI Artemis CineBroadcast lower sled (battery hanger). You can use it to convert your Trinity into a Steadicam, also it might be of interest if you're in the market for an Artemis CineBroadcast Rig anyway. It was purchased towards the end of 2018 and has been used only on a couple of days in total, as the owner does mostly Trinity. The lower sled is in pristine condition and is fully functional. You can purchase it with or without the third battery plate. The lower sled will be shipped form the UK. Price with the 3rd battery plate. 4300 £ (british pound) Price without 3rd battery plate 4000 £ (british pound) Buyer pays for shipping and any money transfer fees. For more details drop me a message. Cheers Ozzy
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