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    Rigs: ARRI Trinity; GPI Pro Cine Live w/ Volt; Arm: xARM; Vest: Walter Klassen Flex Harness; Monitor: Transvideo CineMonitor HD6 X-SBL
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  1. Hi everyone Please note(!): This sale/post is for a friend. To avoid any misunderstanding, I also used to own an ARRI Artemis Cinebroadcast lower sled, but was able to sell mine, so this is a different one. I'm just helping out a friend. For sale is an ARRI Artemis CineBroadcast lower sled (battery hanger). You can use it to convert your Trinity into a Steadicam, also it might be of interest if you're in the market for an Artemis CineBroadcast Rig anyway. It was purchased towards the end of 2018 and has been used only on a couple of days in total, as the owner does mostly Trinity. Th
  2. Hi everyone I'm selling my ARRI Artemis Camera Power Lemo 1S 3pin to 4pin XLR 12V cable, which can be used with the Artemis CineBroadcast and the Artemis EFP Rigs for video cameras, ARRI SR I, SR II or AATON. It has never been used so it's brand new. Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees. I'm asking 80 Euros. Cheers
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