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  1. Hello , I am selling my complete RED EPIC with RED PRO PRIMES lens set. Asking $ 72,000 USD. or 45 Lakh Rupee..... Here is the link for more detail. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthr...LENS-FOR-SALE-!!!!!!!!!
  2. Complete Proline Steadycam Rig (RAVEN) up for sale, never used bought on 8-12-2013, i own a small rental house in northern india and bought this to supply something new to my clients here in india, but unfortunately i never even got a chance to shoot with it, as i am not a operator myself i had a hard time finding a feasible steadycam operator to work with me so its just not working out and i have decided to sell it. The Rig is in 10/10 condition and it can be shipped worldwide at the buyer’s cost. For more info go to proline website: http://www.steadicamproline.com PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Complete ProLine Steadycam Rig 1-Sled (red edition) 2-arm (T2000) 3-Vest 4-Deluxe Flight Case (for sled and arm) 5-iKan-vx7e 7’ monitor http://ikancorp.com/productdetail.php?id=313 6-Bartech Focus Device with M1 Motor 7- Teradek Bolt Pro Wireless HD Transmitter http://www.teradek.com/pages/bolt 8-4 Blueshape v-lock Batteries (190 HD) + One Charger http://www.blueshapeusa.com This equipment will be sold all together, specific components will not be sold individually, everything is almost new, never used, comes with all the cables and with complete accessory. For more information please email me at pawitterparmar@gmail.com. You can also give me a call at +91-987-861-7299. Asking Price: $ 20,000 USD ( Negotiable )
  3. Hello Guys, I'm thinking about going to IBC for Steadycam shopping. What you guys think is good idea i think i can buy my gear @ cheap rates then the market?
  4. Hello Guys, Looking for a Bartech Digital Follow Focus Single motor system with cable etc...... ASAP. Please contact me +91-987-861-7299 or email me pawitterparmar@gmail.com Thanks ....
  5. Hello Guys, Thank you for your input guys. I saw this post at this forum . You guys think if this good deal i should go for it....Thanks http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=18497&do=findComment&comment=91748
  6. Hello Robin, I'm not a big fan of Broadcast India or asia, I go to NAB & IBC every year. I can be There no problem....
  7. Hello Eric, Very Nice Work Keep it up SIr. ill also need to spend another 7-8 thousand dollars on buying a follow focus kit (Bartech) and a wireless video transmitter to make my kit complete so that my clients rent it out. Can you help me Please...
  8. Im planning to use my steadicam for heavier cameras like the Epic or Alexa, i forgot to mention in my earlier post that im not planning to operate it myself, i will be getting a professional to do the job for me, because im basically into the rental business. As i mentioned before my budget is 10K, if anyone has some half decent equipment that fits my need and budget please contact me, i need all my equipment as soon as possible as i have a shoot lined up for september. Thanks everyone.
  9. Hello Every One, New to this forum but i am on Reduser few years now any ways . Guys i am in the market to buy a steadycam setup for my self we do low budget punjabi regional (indian) films and music videos so i don't know which one to get proline,action prod.,steadycam and so many other one's in the market now.. I'm new to steadycam Business so please help out to pick the right equipment.My budget for steadycam under 10K.. i also need wireless follow focus.& wireless video Unit as well. quicker way to get me in hold is email me please ... Pawitter parmar +91-987-861-7299 pawitterparmar@gmail.com
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