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  1. Hi, Anybody ever had their Transvideo monitor develop a scrambled menu? I feel I'm on my own trying to fix this, I tried to get Transvideo Burbank to fix but I didn't have a great experience. I was very patient. It's been suggested it just needs a firmware re-flash. If somebody knows this to be the case based on my attached pic, I'll go through the trouble of sending to France for that. Otherwise it just may be a loss, unless I can find somebody else in the states to work on it? Interestingly, the menus work. Just the characters are scrambled. Image in works perfectly as well, as do the function buttons. You just gotta have the menu memorized. Nate
  2. I still have this, and willing to package my PLC wheels with it. Reducing to $12,000, and $15,000 with PLC wheels. Email n a t e @ n a t e w e a v e r . n e t
  3. Selling my Maxima gimbal. As a DP, I don't have enough gimbal days a year for it to really keep it around. As such, I've only put 4 or 5 days on it. Comes with joystick remote, "Spider", which is a bracket that allows you to mount a Mitchell mount or Steadicam post underneath the frame, an Alexa Mini power cable, and soft case. Uses AB mount batts, which pass through to camera. This is a hardware version 2 gimbal, which means it is one hardware revision behind what Arri is selling new for $24k. It can be sent to FOMA in Germany to be upgraded for about $2000. The upgrades are minor, there's nothing the Arri version can do that this one can't. I also have the PLC Jeti radio module that you would need for PLC Veracity wheels to control the gimbal. I will throw that $1000 module in, it's very new. The real advantage with the Maxima is speed getting in and out of the gimbal. All you have to do is slide the camera on the dovetail, balance forward and aft, and turn it on. The motors are strong enough to handle prime lens changes without shutting down. $13,000, located in Los Angeles. Email n a t e @ n a t e w e a v e r . n e t
  4. Hi Megan...it looks like it is sold and I'm just in the middle of it. If it goes sideways, I'll let you know.
  5. Hi all, So I bought a used Maxima gimbal, but it came with a brand new, unused Sachtler Artemis ACT2 vest. While I'd like to hang onto it so I could occasionally support the gimbal with an arm, I think the reality is I'd be better served by a Ready Rig. And this is too nice to let sit around. So, here's what I have: Sachter Artemis ACT2 Vest Extra Back Pad set (more broad it looks like? With a broadcast pack pocket) Fastex Waist belt extender Soft Bag This vest is still sold, but now by Arri and you can pay them $4346 if you want the same thing from them. I have also learned that Arri is being very amazing and fully supporting previous Sachtler branded Artemis products (as I found out with my Maxima this past week). So you will be able to get pieces/parts for the vest no problem if you needed. It is NOT a dead product. I'm asking $3000 + shipping Vest and myself are in Los Angeles
  6. What I was trying to say was I didn't see any problems with it, that it seemed relatively well thought out. Apparently Keslow worked with them to figure out a way to make the Mini work without it being a fustercluck. I suspect Tilta is going places. Places other camera aks manus haven't been able to get to yet.
  7. Arri WCU-3 FIZ System Selling my WCU-3 system: This works with Alexa PLus or Mini white radio! Recieves camera and LENS DATA from Alexa Plus and Mini, displays. Lens data, Stop, Battery, Frame rate, white balance, shutter angle. Also works with any other camera. Just need a D-Tap to 3 pin cable, or a run/stop cable made for whichever camera you like. Red, Sony all avail. The white radio upgrade was $2700 alone, performed in January. Firmware was updated to latest as well, something you cannot do yourself. Includes: WCU-3 Handset UMC-3A Receiver (this is the "A" version, which has built in booster from 12 to 24) ZMU-3 Zoom controller, for use on handset or directly to Arri motor. 2x CLM-3 Motors. These are Arri's version of a DM1x. Very fast, extremely strong. Will turn anything. 3x Motor cables 3x Sony Handset batteries Generic/Sony Batt Charger Arri Handset strap 5x Bevelled Marking Discs 5x Cylindrical Marking Discs Bracket to attach ZMU-3zoom controller to WCU-3 handset 2x Arri RS 3 pin Run/Stop cables 2x ZMU-3 to WCU-3 link cables (short and long) Cable setup to connect ZMU-3 directly to CLM-2 or 3 motor, Digital Microforce style with run/stop (Arri RS) New, custom A&J case with Harrison clear pocket system in lid Price, $7750 with 2 CLM-3 motors, 9750 with 3x CLM-3. For fastest response, email nate@nateweaver.net. Located in Los Angeles.
  8. I hope they stick with it and let it mature. Even if they never get to the level of refinement of Preston and Arri/Cmotion, there is room for a system under 10K that is 85% as good as the big boys. I spent time with the Tilta cage for the Mini yesterday, and even if there's problems with that that I couldn't identify within an hour, it seemed to me that Tilta is trying very, very hard.
  9. That is correct. The AMC-1 is a limited, smaller controller only for Cforce motors. If you use that, there is no lens mapping, lens data, or premarked forcus rings. That's why I didn't mention it. You forgo a lot of WCU-4 features if you pair with it. The default receiver for the WCU4 is the UMC4, for all those fancy WCU4 features. He only mentioned the AMC because he figured you were trying to save money, the AMC is like $2500 and the UMC4 is about 6500. I was going to say, a modern, good FIZ system is a bitch with gears on an EF lens because you manually have to set the end stops on autofocus lenses (no hard end stops). And if you goof it mid-use, all the marks go off. Luckily Rokinons with hard ends will work much better.
  10. You'll have to put gears on the EF lenses and use motors. The UMC-4 has an LBUS port to power Cforce mini motors, or regular Arri digital motors (CLM-2, 3, 4, 5) via the 3x 12pin motor ports.
  11. I don't think a "box" hardware solution is ever going to allow EF lens control on a Mini. The camera has limited control of EF lenses through the mount, so if it was ever to happen, it would just be in a SUP update for the MIni. If it ever comes, it would probably be a little while. If you want to use the WCU-4 on another camera, you just need a UMC-4 motor controller, and you mount it on the side of the Epic or Weapon or F55 or whatever, and plug the motors into it.
  12. I just by accident found out that upgrade is actually a new radio module that a new version of "white" and has some minor xmit power features. Plus the antenna. More or less a new radio module, but is still "white compatible". Let's hope going forward they can keep getting newer chips in there and keep them "white".
  13. I consider Arri CLM-3 about the same level, and that's what they're marketed as without naming DM1X specifically. Very fast, very strong, biggest by far in the Arri motor lineup.
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