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  1. Chris Loh

    First investments

    I'm a bare bones kind of guy.. I don't bring anything to the set besides my sled, vest, arm, stand and 2 batteries for my sled (one charges while the other works) I have all the tools needed to take my sled apart from top to bottom, but I don't bring anything to service the camera. It's not my job as an operator to. It is not our job to focus, transmit, or power the camera either, if powering the camera makes for a more optimal weight then that's on you, but productions should never expect you to power their camera. (There are certain exceptions like F65 or film cameras) I think saving money now and upgrading your gear later is the better move.. assuming you don't have a PRO or G70x arm? Or perhaps you have upgrades to add to your sled?
  2. Chris Loh

    GPI-PRO SD Electronics

    As Christian mentioned, to go along with these electronics I have a PRO center post for sale. Would indeed make a great starter rig.
  3. Chris Loh

    WTB - Pro Parts

    I have a telescoping PRO center post gen 2 in LA. Good condition, serviced a year ago and has not been touched since.
  4. Chris Loh

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    Contact Freesh about being added to the Steadi LA google group
  5. Looking to purchase a new or used XCS Ergo handle for regular/right hand. Thanks!
  6. Chris Loh

    I want to buy steadicam!

    Hi Michael, I sent you a message. I'm selling a GPI PRO Atlas arm. Let me know if you're interested!
  7. FOR SALE GPI PRO Atlas Arm $10,000 (Price negotiable) The time has come to sell my Atlas arm. As with all of my gear, I have babied this thing since I bought it 15 months ago. It was recently sent in for service and had a complete overhaul, including a full service on the canisters internal springs and mechanics. You can see in the photos that it is in great cosmetic condition with very few minor blemishes. The arm will include: PRO arm bag 6 arm post and clamp 12 arm post and clamp 5/32 T handle w/markings PRO arm tools Extra bumpers Rain/dust covers Email for photos! or View photos here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcItvJqglvG/?taken-by=loh_mode
  8. Chris Loh

    WTB Pro arm

    Hi Harman, I am selling a mint condition PRO Atlas arm. Message or email me for details Contact@ChrisLoh.net
  9. Chris Loh

    8pin-8pin cable.

    I have a right to right I'd sell for $85 plus shipping if you're interested. Email: Contact@ChrisLoh.net
  10. Chris Loh

    Steadicam EFP Docking bracket!!!!

    Email me an offer, I'll send some photos Contact@ChrisLoh.net
  11. Chris Loh

    Steadicam EFP Docking bracket!!!!

    I have a 1.5" docking bracket similar to the old PRO bracket if you're interested.
  12. Chris Loh

    PRO 1 sled docking bracket

    Hi Jordan, email me. I've got one located in LA. Contact@ChrisLoh.net
  13. Chris Loh

    Kenyon Gyro KS-4 Kit with Custom Plate

    Sent you an email. Have cash, ready to buy.
  14. Brooks, I hope to operate a B or C camera under you before you retire! This post is truly inspiring and I look up to your work on so many of my favorite movies (Ironman 3 was the first movie that inspired me to operate camera) Good luck with everything, hoping I can save the cash to buy your arm when you decide to part ways from it.