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  1. Use carpets under the surface. Nobody gets hurt.
  2. What happened, did you replace the bolt?
  3. Your Gimbal is a fine "instrument" to check static balance with. It even works for dynamic balance. No need for Mickey.
  4. Sorry, but I don´t see ludicrous, dangerous or careless anywhere in this.
  5. In live TV we all get those kind of shots. Beeing a Steadicam pedestal is a terrible waste of our abilities and energy. It´s essential to talk to production BEFORE the first show. Or when the first call for "hold it" comes... If you sense at the briefing that you will be holding frames on standby for long periods without breaks - tell them that the Steadicam does not do that. The producer can always find another camera or a way around. Remember to tell and show that you can go from docking to a standby locked off frame in 5 seconds, they just need to cue you. - Mikael
  6. Sometimes Nashua 357 is the fastest/easiest way. Lift off the old glue with some fresh...
  7. I suggest you: get some jobs as a camera operator study photography, cinematography, art etc. learn about story telling, lighting, editing. meet other cameramen and Steadicam ops. in your area do freebees, student films buy the book take a workshop practice And as Eric wrote from his dolly: Framing, horizon, timing... - Mikael Kern
  8. Brilliant operating! Seems to me that some of the comments about post stabilization and 1/2 degree of roll etc. comes from operators who have never tried this kind of slooooooow precise operating. If you think you're good and if you nailed a shot - try again at half speed. Or at 25% like Mike here. Respect!
  9. Fantastic: "No more touching the stabilizer and ruining the shot. This will change the way you film." Lets get a brake on the other 2 axis...
  10. Is it just me thats getting extremely bored? This video is an example of one of the reasons the cut was invented. To shorten time and tell a story.
  11. Need contact on Lanzarote, canary Islands ASAP. My monitor didn't survive flight. I need HDSDI input. (RED Epic) I think there is a rental house on Gran Canaria, Las Palmas? - with cranes, dollies, grip, lighting etc. Please contact here on the forum in this thread or email to kern@kern.dk. thanks, Mikael Kern
  12. Goodbye Steadicam, its over - Steadiwings are here: http://www.singleshotcinema.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Retel_Helmrich Maybe its old news to you, but I just found out today... if I didnt get so seasick or sleepy I would have watched all his films. ;-) Mikael Kern
  13. I was in Jinja 3 years ago. Nice place and touristy. But check with news agencies, BBC, CNN etc. If I were going back I would: - get reliable local fixer and driver - expect power to go on and off anytime, so charge batteries every time you see a socket. But dont leave it out of sight! - bring extra batteries - dont leave anything out of sight/behind - expect the schedule to be changing all the time, have plenty of plan B. And C, D , E... - dont think of selling or buying anything important but water and food - wear a hat, bring an extra for backup, cover your ears as well - have backup phone And you will probably have a great time with no probs :-) Raft the Nile! Is great fun. - Mikael Kern
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