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  1. email: dani.dagher@hotmail.com Artemis Arm (23 kg) 4000$ OBO recently serviced by Arri new Arri socket block Sachtler soft bag Arri rain cover extra rope segment K5.0011809 (75€) J bracket for low mode
  2. email: dani.dagher@hotmail.com Sled Artemis EFP 1.5” 10000$ OBO new ACT 2 gimbal (2250€) gold mount custom extended docking bracket for dynamic balance HD SDI PRO updated by Arri (1170€) Transvideo HD6 monitor with digital horizon telescopic monitor bracket with post clamp cables: (dtap to xlr - 2 pin to xlr - cam power lemo to alexa mini - cam power lemo to xlr - acc to bnc) 2 donut weights Pelican 1615 (280$) + custom hard foam (500$) + lid organiser (125$)
  3. amount was payed via paypal please let me know
  4. Hello Im looking for: -looking for quattro 2 monitor arm -Arri/ sachtler artemis 1.5" docking bracket -cat griller plate or sos or tripodlok or anything similar -cam-tec sony v lock plate or anything similar If you are selling any of those hit me up. dani.dagher@hotmail.com
  5. https://www.adorama.com/vo07000041.html https://woodencamera.com/collections/evf-mounts-arri/products/uvf-mount-alexa-mini-mini-lf-adapter-only
  6. Email me dani.dagher@hotmail.com
  7. I am looking for a monitor yoke for my transvideo hd6 (cam-jam, transvideo, artemis...) and artemis Act 2 docking bracket for 1.5 or any other brand that serves the purpose cheers
  8. Hey guys which one do you prefer? Wave or m1 volt?
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