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  1. Tiffen Ultra2 for sale. Sled only. Does not include monitor but I will include the original monitor bracket with the sale. Also includes Hill Docking/Balancing Bracket and Hill Cart Docking Bracket. Very good condition. Bought new in 2014. S/N 0214002S DM for any info or questions thanks. $14,500 and entertaining offers Having a bit of an issue uploading more pics at the moment.
  2. Selling my FIZ3. This kit has only been used for Steadi jobs and never subbed. Very well maintained and in excellent working order. Handset just inspected by Preston. Includes: HU3 SN-2943 MDR3 SN-1161 DM-1X Digital Motor SN-3850 DM-2 Digital Motor SN-5739 3-Motor Cables(Straight to Right Angle) 2-Ptap Power Cables 2-Lemo Power Cables 1-Arri Start/Stop Cable 1-Red Start/Stop Cable w/sync 1-Sony Start/Stop Cable 3-Jerry Hill Motor Mounts 6-Focus Rings 1-MDR 3/8" Paddle Mount 3-19mm to 15mm Bushings 1-Neck Strap Misc. Hardware(Dogbones and other chachkis) 1-Pelican 1510 Case with Custom Insert and Lid Organizer Asking $18k obo
  3. There's a dude who calls himself Google who might know.
  4. My remote did not have a long life. The number two preset doesn't work anymore and another button I can't remember it's been so long since I've used it. Those things are brittle. I'm sure that's what it is and your stage is fine. Call Tiffen and see if you can get it serviced or give them your serial number and get new one.
  5. Ultra2 vest for sale. Clean and in good condition. Minor fraying in a couple spots on the pads but still plenty of life left. Buckles, straps, and knobs functional and clean. Comes with black Steadicam duffel bag. Located in Los Angeles. Asking $2500.00 obo.
  6. Selling my Teradek Bolt 1:1. Comes with 1 AC power supply and 1 2pin lemo to ptap cable. Also including small Pelican case. Good starter kit. Email me at jleeds70@gmail.com for pics. $900 obo.
  7. That was awesome. Thank you so much for organizing. Very much appreciated.
  8. Hot off the assembly line. Come down to the beach and take one for a spin.
  9. Slow down your drop time. Try a slow three count. One thousand one.......one thousand two.....one thousand three. Seems to me that your drop time is too quick and you are experiencing the pendulum effect. My two cents.
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