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  1. James Reid

    Arri Maxima MX30 3 Axis Gimbal for sale

    This post appears pretty old, so I'm curious to know if the Maxima system is still available as listed? Many Thanks -James
  2. Bumping the price down - 2250.- for the pair or 1250.- each.
  3. Buy the TWO for $2,750.00 or ONE for $1,500.00 Great as a back up TX or paired with Bolt Sidekick and Tomahawk 1 & 2 Receivers. SHIPPING: (buyer pays) Systems have been serviced and upgraded to latest firmware versions. 3/2019 If Interested please reply here on the Steadicam Forum or email me at: dpsteadicam07@gmail.com Kit includes: 2 - Tomahawk-1 Transmitters 2 - Mounting bracket 6 - TX antennas BASIC OVERVIEW OF A TOMAHAWK TX SYSTEM The Paralinx Tomahawk 3G-SDI Wireless System includes two Tomahawk SDI transmitter offering a 2000 ft line-of-sight wireless transmission range. The system supports up to 1080p60 4:2:2 uncompressed video with audio across a 2000 ft distance with less than 1 ms delay. This allows near real-time monitoring and/or recording on the output end. Longer distances can be achieved using any optional higher-range antennas with compatible RP-SMA connectors. The transmitter features a 3G-SDI input and loop output. The Tomahawk system operates on the license-free 5 GHz frequency band and uses secure 128-bit AES encryption. The transmitter has a rugged, machined aluminum housing but also a lightweight, minimalist design that allows comfortable use on Steadicams, UAVs, and camera rigs. Its mounting points are two 1/4"-20 threads on the front, and it takes power via a 2-pin power connector input. Key Features Wireless 2000 ft line-of-sight transmission Supports up to 1080p60 4:2:2 uncompressed video with audio Less than 1 ms delay 3G-SDI input and loop output; dual 3G-SDI outputs Operates on the license-free 5 GHz frequency band Uses secure 128-bit AES encryption Placed into service in 1/2015, these items have been extremely dependable and robust. All TX have been serviced and tested by Paralinx and running the current firmware.
  4. Preston MDR-2 has - SOLD - Thanks so very much.
  5. A quick "bump" to the MDR-2 Sale: Lowering the price to 1,950.00 - OBO Thanks
  6. Cine Tape has *** SOLD *** Thanks for all of your interest. MDR-2 still a very good buy, Offers ???
  7. *** - Cine Tape - Sale Pending !!
  8. For Sale as a Package or Separate Cinematography Electronics Cine Tape Measure System 1 - Cine Tape Measure Controller (30392) 1 - Horn Assembly 1 - Horn Mount for clip on Arri LMB or compatible 1 - XLR 4 pin Power cable to CT 1 - Pro Cam Aux Power cable to CT 1 - Pro 4 pin Lemo power cable to CT 1 - 24” Horn Cable - Straight 1 - 18” Horn Cable - Straight 1 - 18” Horn Cable - ST to RA 1 - Pelican 1400 case Personally owned system and has been in my kit for over 10 years. System: USED in excellent working condition, fully upgraded and reconditioned in 2012. Physical: minor surface markings from daily use after many years of work - system has not been used in the last 3 years. Asking price of $1,950.- USD For Sale PCS MDR-2 1 - Preston MDR-2 - (1691) (MT-2122) 1 - Pro MDR Mount 2 - R/S Cables Arri 2 - Pro power cables 1 - PCS Cine Tape Interface (600 dollar cable) 1 - R/S PV 1 - R/S Sony (Hirose) 1 - R/S Red Digital 1 - R/S PV Millennium XL2 This MDR system worked as a back up for many years and has been in my kit since 2008. Well maintained and in excellent working condition. Asking price of $2,250.- USD ***-Systems can be sold separately as listed or together at a discounted package price of $4,000.- Terms: Payment: PayPal Shipping & Handling: Buyer Interested: *-Respond in Steadicam Forum **-Email to: james@dpsteadicam.com ***-Text to: 281-658-3086 Many Thanks
  9. The Decimator has SOLD, thanks very much.
  10. DECIMATOR 2 3G/HD/SD-SDI to HDMI Converter with Built-In NTSC/PAL Downscaler & Analog Audio Outputs Autodetect & Signal Switching 10-Bit Data Path SDI Loop Through, HDMI & Composite Out Selectable Down Converted NTSC/PAL Out Whats included: - 1 Redbyte Decimator 2 - Power input has been upgraded with a Lemo 2 pin hermaphrodite - AC Power supply upgraded with a Lemo 2 pin hermaphrodite - 1 Power cable 5” Lemo 3 pin to 2 pin hermaphrodite - 1 Power cable 18” Lemo 3 pin to 2 pin hermaphrodite - 1 set of mounting brackets Selling my used Redbyte Decimator V.2 - (used) and in excellent condition, the power port has been upgraded with Lemo connector eliminating the nasty connexial connector. Asking $280.00 Buyer pays all shipping and handling. Respond via TEXT: 281-658-3086 - Thanks Thanks
  11. James Reid

    PRO Docking Bracket

    Ken - I can see that this post is close to 3 months, however I will inquire to know if the docking bracket is still available? Thanks, James
  12. James Reid

    Pro docking bracket

    Is this still for sale?
  13. James Reid

    PRO Docking Bracket

    Rob - can you send a pix? Thanks James