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  1. Immaculate short zoom lens. Sigma 18-35, S35, PL mount - Cine Zoom . T2 stop. This lens is in perfect condition . $3000.00 OBO . Thanks
  2. 8 Ball professional camera slider. This slider is 27" , giving the camera platform 18" of travel. It has offset lock that releases to spin the slider in place, great feature. It has a Mitchell Base, and is a Mitchell mount . If you want more information on the Slider, google "8 Ball camera support" , there may be other accessories you might be interested in. Included in the sale is the Slider, and a Tie Down wrench. The slider is in perfect condition. Please let me know if you need more info, or pictures. Thanks $3800.00
  3. Hello Bruce, I'm very interested in the sled.  I have a 1.5" MK-V now, and wonder if the transition to 2" will go well.




    1. Bruce Borland

      Bruce Borland

      Good evening Bill, I had the similar upgrade around 5 years ago, jumped from the 1.5 to 2" post , absolutely loved it , especially for finer movements , it was a big plus for my operating. Depending on the monitor bracket from your current rig , you may be able to use it on the 2 inch post, they usually have reduction shims, so you might come out not having to buy a new one.....so expensive. Cam Jam is what I use , seems to be very good. Here are a couple more pics in different builds.  Let me know how serious you are about it , and we can fine tune the price. Until then , take care Bill






    2. Bruce Borland

      Bruce Borland

      Hello Bill, a buyer just decided to pass on the purchase so the Sled is still available. Make an offer if you are interested still. Thanks and have a great day.

  4. Hello Kevin, it is a View Factor bracket that seemed to fit the J Box dimensions. Works great
  5. MKV Sled 2" post for sale , just need monitor bracket. 12/24 volt system. The sled comes with the following; - BETZ top stage with 9" plate - MKV V4 HD Donkey , and J boxes -MKV V3 Gimbal - MKV 3 x Battery Base ( Gold Mount) - MKV 2" post , with 2 inch nylon shim for monitor bracket ( It had a Cam Jam bracket) - Jerry Hill ( gore lock) mounting bracket , and 2" mounting ring on sled - 2 x 3 pin Lemo to 4 pin XLR power cables -1 x 3 pin Lemo to Red power cable - 1 x J Bracket The Sled is fantastic shape, all electronics function perfectly, very clean and well treated. $12500 usd OBO
  6. Good morning Donald, do you think you can send that bracket to Vancouver BC, Canada? Please let me know and I will send you payment. Thank you . Call if you like 1 604 970 9433
  7. By the way, it looks like it is in decent shape as well. Can you ship to canada? Vancouver BC
  8. Hello Donald , if this fits a 1.8" post , I will take it off your hands in an instant...... please let me know. So to clarify, the diameter is for what Artemis post? Please call if you like , 1 604 970 9433. Thank you Donald, again- i will pay you immediately .
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