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  1. * Also , I made an error on the battery plate, it is actually a V - Lock plate not a Gold Mount, apologies . I have an adaptor that I will throw in the purchase as well, so you can have both options for Gold ,or V Lock batteries. Cheers
  2. Selling 1A Alpha Wireless Wheels. These wheels were used with my Ronin 2, and can be used with other Ronin Models, and certain Movi Models, eg Movi Pro. The wheels are extremely east to set up, and use. I mounted a Gold Mount battery plate for power, and they are ready to go. $2900.00 obo
  3. Ignite Digi Battery Plates for a Movi XL , Remote head. These are brand new, and never used. They are a power option for the Movi XL, using 4 TB50 batteries. An incredible, clean solution for the XL head, wired and ready to go and very easy installation onto the head. $1800.00 for the pair.
  4. Hello , Is this still for sale ? Love to take it
  5. Letus Helix , 4 axis gimbal. Great shape. It has the 42pole motors, not the encoded more modern motors. Works very well, takes 12lbs of camera payload. Profile it through the Helix App on an iPad or smart phone. $800.00 plus shipping
  6. A Cine Gears wireless follow focus kit. Great shape $1200 plus shipping
  7. Selling the red dragon package now for $12,400 , great deal :)
  8. I am selling a Letus Helix 4-axis gimbal with several accessories in like new condition. Comes with 3 batteries, 4 p tap splitter from 2 pin lemo ( for any accessories), case, and various brackets . Can take 14lbs of camera payload. Great shape. $750.00
  9. Dropping price once more to $15,000 , plus shipping. Call if interested, thanks 604 970 9433
  10. Dropping price again for a quick sale , $16,250 plus shipping. Call if you like 604 970 9433
  11. Price Drop-$17,500. Call if you have questions on the camera, 604 970 9433. Thanks
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