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  1. Perfect working Preston DM2 motor for sale. Recently checked out by Preston. price: $2,000 Free 2-day shipping anywhere in USA. Thanks Brian
  2. Fun 2 minute opening sequence shot I did. Shot on Red. We did it 8 times.
  3. Hi, I am piecing together a Preston kit and am looking for an HU1 and a motor that will work with an MDR1 which I already have. Contact me with what you have. Thanks! Message me here or text 847.530.1681 Brian
  4. I am selling my Walter Klassen back mount vest. I bought it 5 years ago from Walter. Everything is in working order and is a great vest. I have used the vest while being a 36 inch waist as well as 32 inch and it has fit fine. Air bladder works great. The mounting arm can go right side or left side. Price is $3,500. Thanks!
  5. Charles, I was in fact buffering the times a little bit, but I hear what you're saying as well. I actually did the flip in about 20 seconds while on my arm when they had a last minute shot they wanted in low mode. Sometimes it seems that directors ask you if you're ready at the half way point anyway. For example if I said 3 mins they would start asking at 1.5 minutes when I was ready.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the great advice and quick responses. The shoot was a success! I ended up doing the flip it in post and there were no issues. Just to be safe the night before I practiced with the SDX and found out that I could mount the camera right side up by mounting my dovetail to the screws on top of the SDX handle. When I got to the shoot I told the director I could do either way but let them know it was a matter of 3 minutes and 15 minutes. She immedietly said 'lets do the flip it in post way". I kind of figured she was going to say that since the whole day was very tight on time. All in all it was a great day. One thing that I wasnt used to was how quickly they wanted to move things along. For example I would do a long walking shot down a sidewalk, across a street, back on the sidewalk and while it looked good I still felt that I could have done it better or that we could have tried to iris down somewhere in the middle of it. I would ask the DP "do you think it got a little dark towards the end there?", and he said "its fine". Since everyone had monitors I trusted that they got what they needed and I shouldnt worry about it. Anyone else battle with those kind of concerns? Brian
  7. Thanks so much for the quick responses. Rob, thanks for the offer , I think I'm going to go ahead and do the flip. I cant wait to explain it to the director but I'm going to be confident and just explain that 'thats how its done'. Thanks again, I'll let you know how it goes. Brian
  8. Hello everyone. I got a last minute call to do some steadicam tommorow and part of the shoot requires low mode. I'm nervous because A. I've never done low mode and B. I'm not sure I'll be able to get low mode setup properly without a cage. first of all, can i set up my MK-v rig in low mode by attaching my dovetail plate to the top screws on the handle? It will be an SDX900. The shot is a slow walking shot so it shouldnt be getting too much stress. Secondly, if that doesnt work, does the old 'flip it in post' method work? Can i simply slide my gimbal down the post and flip the rig? Any major disadvantages in doing that? My monitor can flip the image for myself but will this freak out the EP's too much? I appreciate the quick responses. Thirdly, if anyone has a low mode bracket that will work on an SDX900 and you're near hollywood let me know. I would need it tonight (Wednesday Oct 10). THANKS! Brian
  9. How do you know the holes will match up? DO you have an mk-v lite plate? Also, do you have long screws with the flat top?
  10. I am in need of an 11lb weight plate for my MK-v lite sled. This whole weight plate thing is very confusing to me. I tried getting a machine shop to make me one but the holes werent lining up and I couldnt get a long enough camera screw. Its too late now, I need one for Oct 15. Anyone got one they can ship me for rental or purchase? Thanks. Brian
  11. I've been doing mostly reality for the past 2 years and have been focusing on the basics and building stamina in my rig. I'm at the point where I'd like to branch out and do more types of steadicam work. My question is what are some equipment requirements that are a must before I start getting into student films or shorts or music videos. Right now here is what I have: MK-v sled (12/24) Steadicam 3A arm Walter Klassen Vest Boland HD monitor So thats it. As of now I have been fine doing reality coverage and house beauty shots but I'm not totally clear on what the next tier of gear is that I'll need for small films etc. I know I need a focus device and plan on getting a Bartech soon. I know there are endless gadgets and upgrades to my rig but is there a basic starter list of accessories that I can work on crossing off now in order of importance? Thanks Brian
  12. Thanks! I've called a few places and I think I'll be able to track it down pretty soon here. Thanks again. Brian
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