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  1. The vest is in great shape and still available. The Flex vest is a wonderful vest. I am 5'10" and weigh 180. It should be great for anyone from 5'8" to 6' and with a weight range from 165 to 190. Did I mention that I am motivated.
  2. Hi; Bump. The are has been sold, but the vest is still available. I'd love to see it find a new operator interested in putting it through it's paces. Make me a reasonable offer. Thanks Jamie 917 796-4217
  3. Hi; I am selling my G -70 arm, WITH UPGRADED BEARINGS. The arm comes with 5 posts and a Jbracket all sizes and adapted to a PRO gimbal. I have several Tiffen sized posts as well. The arm comes in a Modular 51 soft bag, but you can also have the Tiffen bag that it originally came in. I am not setting a price, but asking for reasonable offers. Photos upon request. Here are my terms: If you buy it you can either pick it up in NYC or have it shipped at your expense. I prefer domestic sales. FYI: I am also selling my Klassen Flex Vest. If you are interested in both, I will be more than open to talk about a discount for the two. If you are interested feel free to give me a call at 917 796-4217. Thank you Jamie
  4. Hi; I am selling my Klassen Flex Vest in very good condition. The vest comes with all the accessories and comes in a Pelican case. I believe that the model of the case is 1630, and it's large enough for the vest and my arm to fit into. I am not setting a price, but asking for reasonable offers. My terms once we agree on sale are that you either pick it up from my house in NYC, or arrange for shipping at your expense. Also I would prefer to make this a domestic transaction. Photos upon request. FYI: I am also selling my G -70 WITH UPGRADED BEARINGS INSTALLED BY TIFFEN. If you are interested in both, I will be more than open to talk about a discount. If you are interested feel free to give me a call at 917 796-4217. Thank you Jamie
  5. HI there; I know it's been a long time since you posted this on the site, but I am in the market for a 2575C and was wondering if you sold it or decided to hold on to it? If it's still available let me know. Thanks Jamie
  6. Hi Daniel My waist is 33"/34". Post on the weekend. Thank you
  7. I am selling my Klassen Backmounted Flex vest. I am 5'10" and weigh about 180. The vest is in very good condition and includes all the accessories and accessory bags. The vest comes in a Pelican 1650 case. I don't have pics on this computer, but I will send them to you if you text me. I am asking $3500.00 I am located in NYC, so if you are nearby and interested, come by and try it on. You can reach me at 917 796-4217 Thank you Jamie
  8. I am selling my G-70 arm with upgraded bearings. The arm comes with 4 posts of varied sizes, all sized to the PRO gimbal size, as well as a J bracket. The arm also comes with the standard Tiffen carry bag and a Modular 51 padded bag as well. The arm is in terrific condition. I don't have pictures on this computer, but if you text me I'll gladly send you some. I am asking $10,500.00 plus shipping. Feel free to text me at your convenience. 917 796-4217 Thank you Jamie
  9. Mike; I believe you can get either the Bolt or the Paralinx Array from B&H Photo. I know that they use the Bolt setup and Paralinx Arrays on Quantico tthis year and they seem to work fine. Jamie
  10. I am. I have a G-70 with up graded bearings and a Klassen Flex vest. Both are in very good condition. Where are you located? You can get in touch with me off the forum at silverodt@gmail.com, or text me at 917 796-4217. Thank you Jamie
  11. which one you going to Alec? Think the only one that I can make is the Abel...
  12. In a market (NYC) where Preston is a must, I fought not to use it until completely necessary. I loved my Bartech system and the M-one motors. He's also a pretty good guy to have a beer with..... Just my 2¢
  13. William; I feel your frustration..... On the East Coast, our business agants, in conjunction with other Locals actively organize jobs, and anyone who flaunts their non-union activity does so at their own risk... As an Executive Board member of Local 600, I am probably considered one of the more outspoken critics of the Local and on occasion the International... I believe that we can always do better for the membership and I voice that opinion... HOWEVER; (And this is for those of you who aren't in the Union or don't agree with the Union for one reason or another,) Anyone who works in this business as a technician of any kind is a fool and an idiot if he or she thinks that they are better off working without the protection of the IA and their Local... Without union contracts to lead the way, that guy who proudly displays his displeasure with the IA would be working even longer hours than he does at present and for a pittance of what he is currently paid. I don't ever wish anyone ill or harm, but I can't wait to see what would happen if that person were to break an ankle on set. The medical and therapy expenses alone would be enormous..... Those things are covered under our benefits plans and our plans are some of the best in the country... Yes Best in the Country. So say what you want about the IA and 600. I certainly am a critic. They are far from perfect, but without them your life on set would be pretty sucky, and your check at the end of the week would be even suckier..... Just a little aside...... I did Sharknado 2, which was done under a Union contract. I made more than that dope, and I got benefits that will help me and my family for a long time to come........ Again just my 2¢
  14. To my knowledge there are no shows that have been organized on the East Coast that have waived benefits outright.. That is unheard of here. No Local in New York could ever do that and face it's members......... And if production was mistreating members, business agents would arrive shortly after a call were made and stick around, just to make sure that production was acting human (like). I feel good about what we do in the eastern region. I might not agree with all of the decisions or negotiations, but I feel like the 600 office on the East Coast has the member's best interests in mind. But I can only speak for the Eastern Region. And if there were a Steadicam operator wearing a mask on set to disguise his identity, working across the picket line, I'd personally find out who it was and post his name on every street lamp in the city. That selfish lowlife worm should never work in this business again. Anywhere. Just my 2¢.
  15. Joystick bad, Wheels good. If you grew up in the business using wheels to operate a camera or a remote head, you would understand that they are the most precise tool (to date) for making a shot. They can move the camera as quickly or as finely as any other instrument and provide the operator a much more finessed tool to adjust the camera. That being said, what works for one won't necessarily work for another.
  16. Hey Guys; Why all the mixed signals??? :D Thank you. And no I don't believe that there is HD-SDI passthrough on the V2.
  17. Burned out my backup old decimator.. Gotta buy new. Which is better for Down converting plain and simple? Thanks Jamie
  18. Dave It looks even harder when you watch the film. After the movie, I had to have a drink, 3 actually.
  19. I have used it for a season on White Collar. Although there was no steadicam, at times we had the DIT tent setup a pretty long way away (600+-). The DIT on the job loved the unit,and I love that I can place it anywhere on the camera, as far away as balanceable. For me, the price (son in college and daughter not far off) was a considerable factor, and the performance relative to the 300 was dramatic and wholly positive. When you make a purchase, all issues come into play. Return on investment, performance, type of work, amount of work. So given my situation it was the right purchase. I can only speak about the 600, but as far as transmitter/receiver units are concerned, I am extremely happy. Hope this helps. Jamie
  20. Charles; Why so subdued? When I saw this picture there are several things that went through my head. First of all, what an amazing movie, the energy of which is rarely seen. Whatever flaws exist in the narrative fade away as you get sucked into the story. Secondly the acting was phenomenal. Keaton was wonderful. It always pleases me to see middle aged men acting as middle aged men, warts and all. Finally, I was AWE STRUCK by the operating and by extension the focus pulling. If I had seen Haarhoff after the movie, I would have bowed before him in praise of his work. Best movie I've seen this year
  21. Robert; Thanks for the generous offer. I'll just go without my level for awhile, but I'd love to get it fixed....... Too much throwaway, not good.....
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