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  1. But will it work on monitors other than Transvideo?
  2. what about 7"? I like my Gen 1 and my Hummingbird.. Both are 7".
  3. The stun gun method sounds a little extreme, but they do sell devices in Canada that are portable electric stim units. Having had tendonitis in my forearm, knee and shoulder, all I can say is that the best remedy is to rest it and do whatever physical therapy is prescribed. Achilles is a tough spot to have it in. Good luck.
  4. many people have gone really big and gotten the Pelican 1730 case. Gives you several inches all around. Big ass case though.
  5. Is it just me or is anyone else having computer trouble with the forum lately. When I click to get to a page or send a message, the screen goes blank, and doesn't return to the forum.. I then have to back track to the main page again and start from there. it even happens when I sign on. In case you were wondering, I am using a Mac. Thanks Jamie
  6. I use tackle bags from Cabelas . They are perfect for cables........ Keeps them totally organized.
  7. Hi Brooks; I am currently in the market for a rickshaw, but alas I am in NYC. If you don't find any buyers in the area and are willing to pack it to ship let me know, maybe we can work something out. Jamie
  8. Just kidding...... About the drunk part. Still don't really like the camera.
  9. Like the weight of the Epic (once we figured out how to build it properly), but really don't like much else about it at all. And I'm glad others have observed the latency. I just thought that I was way too drunk at the time. Or not drunk enough..........
  10. I am selling my Sauve/Klassen vest that was modified and modernized by Walter Klassen several years ago. The upgrades included a new inflatable bladder and pads, a new double latched front and new leather trim all around. Incidentally, the cost of the upgrades were $1200.00, so you are getting a pretty great deal. It is the Traditional vest with a double latched front panel. This front panel is great for providing some flexibility in sizing, so extra clothes and weight changes can be accommodated. I am 5' 10", my waist is 33/34" and my weight fluctuates between 174 and 182, depending on the season. The vest fits me well and should do fine with someone up to a 35" waist. If you are taller by an inch or two than I am, then this vest should also fit you well. The vest has been used and used well, but always taken care of. The carbon fiber is in great condition and the pads are fine. The arm is stiff and the adjustable socket block works well I am asking $1800.00 plus shipping, which is a great deal for someone who wants to get into the world of back mounted vests or wants a high quality second vest without the large investment. I you are interested and have questions, feel free to give me a call at 917 796 4217. Come by and try it on if you live in NYC. Thanks Jamie[ attachment=14793:1.jpg]
  11. I have to agree with Charles' question/observation. The only nodal move in the ideal world would be a pan. All other moves would be arcs simply because they revolve around the gimbal. Panning is the only move that revolves around the focal plane. HOWEVER, regardless of those realities, in my operating, every pan and every tilt requires adjustments of the height, hand, body, frame, etc., all of which are almost unconscious moves working to better the frame. For me and my modest operating skills, the better the static and dynamic balance, the better tuned the arm, and the better my personal condition at the time of the shot, the less I have to concentrate on the mechanics and ultimately the better the shot, regardless of nodal plane.
  12. Hi Andrew; I might be interested in the vest. You are 5'9" with a 32" waist. how much do you weigh? I ask because I am close to those measurments and want to make sure we have similar body types. Thanks
  13. Is this a stupid idea? Instead of putting the roll axis behind the camera, or worrying about it changing due to height differences between cameras, why not try to put the roll axis in the middle of the camera? Possibly (and I am no engineer so forgive me my naivete) create a bracket that fits around the lens mount and the center of the camera where the battery or back plate sits. If the roll axis is centered on the camera, then shouldn't the response be the same where ever you put the camera and the rig in space?
  14. I would stick with the green screen until you get enough "green" to buy a monitor with NITS in the thousand to twelve hundred range. I used to have an LCD that was 800 and I struggled, even with a sun shade at times.
  15. You're right. I stand corrected regarding the PDL. Chris at this moment I know 4 people with delaminating screens. Would the cost be reasonable? I know, I know, define reasonable.
  16. And how much in US does this monitor bracket cost?
  17. The monitor is de-laminating. I have a Hummingbird Blackbird.. I love the monitor, BUT, it is de-laminating as well. According to David Hable there is virtually nothing to be done about the situation, which is a shame because it is the best SD LCD monitor that I have ever owned, and the one I use primarily because I like the XCS PDL which I cannot use with my Cinetronic 1 monitor. So clean up the "goo" and use the monitor until it dies.......
  18. I'm just wondering where in the deep recesses of my single channel unit my lock nut is living right now. What sized is that particular nut?
  19. That's assuming that I still have the bolt on the bottom of the screw thread............ Thanks Aaron.
  20. So how does everybody keep the Preston Strap Ring from unscrewing from the HU3 and the Single Channel unit? Mine keep loosening and I fear that my HU3 will take a nasty tumble from my assistants neck because the ring threaded out of the HU. Thanks Jamie
  21. When I owned an Aaton, I had dozens of filters, all of them 4X4. I am finally selling off my last remaining few. It's time to say goodbye. This is what I have: 3- ND Soft Grads -.3, .6, .9 3- Mitchell Diffusion - A,B,C 1- 1/8 Black Pro Mist 1- 1/2 Black Pro Mist 1- 85 1- 85N3 1-85N6 1- 85N9. The glass is in very good condition. The pouches are in fair condition. I'd like to sell them as a lot of 12 filters for $800.00 Thanks Jamie 917 796 4217
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