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  1. Charles; It is hilarious, but the answer is, aren't we all.......? Searching that is.
  2. I'm starting a Pilot on the 1st and I need a video system for my sled. I hate the Boxx configuration and size, not to mention the microwave swirling around either my head or ...... So I'm considering the two systems, and right now I'm leaning towards the BOLT simply because it's all SDI. Doing episodic and movies I live in the SDI world and HDMI scares me. Now here's the question, what new and exciting upgrades do we think the BOLT is going to unvail at NAB. Am I gonna be the schmuck to buy the last transmitter of this iteration, only to see all the post NAB models far surpass my untimely purchase? Is everyone gonna get a 10% NAB discount AND newer stuff????? That would suck Maybe I should learn to love the HDMI and get on the Paralinx bandwagon. They make the promise that all their models will be upgradable, and they are really attentive when it comes to communicating with me about their system. I hate obsolence. I guess I'm just looking for ideas and insights. Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Call Jim. Besides having a great follow focus, you get outstanding customer service.
  4. Yes but how about the Cinetronic 1????? Thanks Jamie
  5. Matthias; Cool monitor bracket. Does it fit the Cinetronic 1? How about the 2? Thanks Jamie
  6. Greg? You out there reading this? Care to comment?
  7. Marshall makes a digital level! I wonder where XCS is. I miss my PDL level. Where in the Marshall website is the level displayed? Thanks Jamie
  8. I love the Bartech, and I love Jim. If your assistant or the show that you are on doesn't insist that you have another brand of follow focus, stay where you are and add an extra digital channel of Bartech. My 2
  9. I used the Bolt on a movie last month and can tell you that I didn't see a fan anywhere, except in the prop truck........ It's quiet, and it worked for me. Jamie
  10. Personal attacks do not move this dialogue forward. Eric sometimes it's better to try using constructive conversation rather than excoriate and eviserate. If the issue is the price of the Exo vest then keep the dialogue there. If the issue is customer service, then let's talk about that. My purpose in this game is to make sure that if Tiffen wants the business of the members of this forum that they improve their customer service, which I believe isn't what it should be. I also want them to be accountable for the products that they deliver. If the product isn't operating properly, then they need to stand by that product, make it work for the customer and not make the customer pay any more for the correction or improvement. Those aren't attacks, and I don't believe they have been construed as such. They are desires to see a company in this business improve it's standard and change it's priority from profit to customer satisfaction and support.. I don't need to be or really want to be rude in the process or confrontational. I think we all know how you feel about Tiffen Eric. It's your turn to try to create a constructive dialogue on what needs to happen for them to become a viable and valuable contributor rather than a dinosaur in this industry. Attack is easy, promote the constructive discourse and let's address the hard stuff that way. Then let's have the cage match!!! Just kidding. Respectfully Jamie
  11. Jerry Thank you for speaking up. I agree with you, and I understand that the actual cost of an item isn't just in cost of materials. A ton of things go into the making of a new piece of equipment and I respect and appreciate that. My issue isn't really with what you, Garrett, and Chris do, which is make new exciting items for the making our craft ever more vital and excitin, it's how the products are sold, and then how the company stands behind those products. As you know, I have owned two arms that were made by Steadicam. Both arms had manufacturer defects. The manufacturer never attempted to offer a repair or replacement for either. The squared angles on my Masters Arm cost a lot of money to replace. Similarly the bearings that were reportedly defective in my G-70 cost me my hard earned cash as well.... I really can't afford to buy another piece of equipment unless I know that it is perfectly competent, or that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind that product in the event of a problem and in general. Additionally, and this is a marketing issue, when introducing a new product on to the market, many manufacturers trumpet the virtues of their wares loudly, offer an incentive for customers to become early adopters, do things to make the buyer eager to get the new item and work with it. All we ever heard were reports from Chris, poorly received reviews from Peter (a victim in process), and finally terse second hand notices about release and cost. Not my idea of successful marketing by Tiffen's Steadicam sales department, and if the overwhelming sentiment of the voices here are any indication, not very good marketing to the most important people involved, THE CUSTOMER. The product can be the most wonderful thing since sliced bread, but please relay this to Tiffen, it doesn't mean a hill of beans if the customer doesn't trust the manufacturer. If Tiffen showed some interest in the operators on this forum, and made the customers here feel like they were interested in standing behind their products, then this whole thread would have a completely diffent and far more postive tone to it. I write this in the hope that there is reflection on the part of all Steadicam manufacturers, but in my mind, the 600lb elephant is sitting in the middle of the room with a brand new vest on. Respectfully Jamie
  12. Really great point Jens. In my mind Tiffen hasn't done justice to the product. NOTHING here from anyone about availability. No one trumpeting how proud they are to bring a new innovative product to the market. Not much of an unvailing. Don't get me wrong, all my congratulations go to Chris for making this really new cool piece of equipment. He, Garrett and Jerry are true creators of good and great, innovative products for the Steadicam world. I admire them greatly for their ability to turn an idea into a reality. I know I couldn't do it. What I don't really get though is Tiffen's attitude toward the customer. Not much out reach and virtually no incentive. Incentive: Remember the TB6? Remember THAT incentive? How about PRO lowering their prices by 10% several years ago? Cinetronics offered discounts to Gen 2 monitor pre-orders and put the Gen 1's on sale. What has Tiffen done? Not a thing so far as I can tell. Not even a personal announcement about release and price on this forum. Wait isn't this the Steadicam Forum? Aren't we their direct customers? And the tradegy of that is that a good guy like Peter Abraham, who is not under their employ, touts the virtues of the vest for them, and he gets vilified because he is the only voice out there giving any information whatsoever! Not fair to Peter, and in my mind due to the neglectful attitudes of Tiffen. I'm sorry Peter. I just have to scratch my head and wonder, why? What I can tell y'all is that the vest purchase that I am considering has just eliminated one contender. If they don't care enough to talk to us here, and the vest is $1000.00 more than the PRO vest, innovation loses, the company with customer interest in mind takes the lead, and $1000.00 difference might just be the icing on the cake. It's too bad. Chris Fawcett has made a really cool product. Again Congratulations Chris, good luck with it. Just my 2cents. Jamie
  13. Check with Backstage. They make a box with the mount, and it doesn't cost a million dollars. Jamie
  14. I can only speak for Klassen vests, but the contours of the pads alone would keep me from doing the job myself. Just my 2¢. Hi Claus! Jamie
  15. they have a cream for cineroids. C'mon I had to!
  16. I sort of agree with Michael, but then again, many amazing shots have been made with 3A arms and sleds using Seitz follow focus units (any of you remember Seitz?). Great equipment is just that, great equipment, no excuses can be made. But can Tiger Woods hit a ball 300 yards with steel shaft clubs from Sears? Yep he can. Great operating be it in golf or in steadicam wins out. If you can make the rig that you have work for you in all situations then your reel will speak for itself. I for one need all the help that I can get, so give me the carbon shaft titanium head suckers and I might just be able to get 250 yards out of it, with the wind...... and a good roll..... and a swift kick up the fairway. You've gotten a lot of great insight from this thread. Some really good people chiming in good ideas.
  17. Scott; The other thing you need to realize is that if you are working on a union show, your MINIMUM rate is an hourly, which in the states outside of the eastern corridor is above $50 per hour.... as an operator. In the eastern corridor the rate is even better. That does not include any additional increase for the challenges of operating a steadicam, and it does not include the rental of the equipment. So if you are asking if you'll make more money if you were working on a union show, the answer is most decidedly yes. If you are asking if you'd make more money merely by holding a union card, the answer is not necessairly. In moving to another, more union friendly state, you have to think about where you have connections, how busy that state and area within that state are, and finally if there is enough work for you to come in an be able to succeed in building a career, and making money in a reasonable amount of time. To my knowledge, which is limited regarding this part of CA, the bay area is a small market, with plenty of man power locally available. Other operators who live closer and are more intimate with the area can give you a better assessment. If that's the case, you might want to consider another location. One with betters film incentives than California offers. One way or another, good luck
  18. I have to agree with Afton. Enough hype. Let's see a production model, a price. I don't mean this to be a jab at Tiffen, but in light of my last experience with them of an upgrade on bearings on a 2 or 3 year old arm, at my expense, lets make sure that this vest is ready to be used, and be used heavily. I am not in the mood to buy any sort of transitional, or almost complete piece of equipment that needs any additional piece to finally make it whole. If it's ready to be on the market and it'll last as long as all of the other vests (I have and use #15 Savue vest), then it should be worthy of consideration.
  19. I have been using Jon Beattie's system on this Zach Ephron movie, and I have to tell you that I have been very satisified with the results. Granted, the shots have been walk and talks and stuff in apartments with out too many obstructions, but having 2 receivers intelligently placed by my assistants has provided good stable image quality to the DIT and video village. In other words, no complaints......... I also like the fact that I am carrying around a very small transmitter with virtually no footprint versus a larger footprint, and one that transmits microwave right by my noggin. I like the Bolt and am indebted to Jon for letting me use it on this show. Just my 2¢.
  20. So is Paralinx going to make a system that is HD-SDI?
  21. I think that ultimately you join the union when the time is right. When you need the union to represent you on projects or if you are beginning to work on projects that are covered under union contracts, then it is time. As a very proud union member for 30 years (first NABET 15, then Locals 52 and 644 and currently 52 and 600), and an executive board member of 644 and 600 for many years I can honestly say that the merits of joining far out weigh any concerns you might have. So when the time is right, give the local in your area a call. They'll be happy to help you and glad to answer any questions that you might have.
  22. Kar's Mod's are very elegant. Are you planning on packaging the whole accessory kit (brackets, cable, voltage display)?
  23. Mark; I have been chasing the de-laminating problem with my Hummingbird as well. Cramped Attic told me that they couldn't do anything to help it for fear of cracking the glass panel, Gill didn't provide any answers either. Please let me know if Chris comes up with a reasonable solution. I love the monitor and I want to keep it as my BU to my Cinetronic which I am also very fond of. Good luck and I hope there is an inexpensive solution. Thanks Jamie
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