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Status Updates posted by JamieSilverstein

  1. Babits;

    The sled bag is great. Thanks for your help and timely service.


  2. Steve;

    Did you ever get the check?

  3. Rod;

    Its just that I think that Masters arms are old tech. They also have several inherent problems, that you can certainly live with but that are a drag. Two jobs and you have enough to buy the pro or G70.

    Good luck.

  4. Rod

    I have absolutely no idea whose Masters arm you are trying out so this is no opinion on the arm or person selling it.Having had one for many years and finally getting a G-70, I can't imagine paying for a Masters when you can get a new G-70 or PRO arm for not too much more, plus the resale on the Masters is just going to go down and down.Think hard before you buy, or call me. 917796...

  5. Steve;

    I'm just checking to see if you received the check yet? If not, give me a call asap at 917 796 4217.



  6. Steve;

    That would be great. My address is 40 Fuller Place, Brooklyn New York 11215. I'm on White Collar right now and I'm pretty stressed with the job, so if you don't mind, please wait a week before sending so that I can have some free time to spend with the rig and the pad.

    Thanks again;


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