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  1. G70x + NB stablizer arm, 2 arms to replace PRO. also converting everything to 3/4 arm post.
  2. PRICE in USD. purchased in 2013. most complete package ever. basically all pro arm accessory avaialble to buy anywhere i've got it 8 canisters. 4 blue + 4 black. all size arm post 4 /6 /8 xcs ridgid arm post /12 /14. xcs mid arm swivel with all 4 offset posts. ($2800 USD) Klassen ridgid block + PRO male socket block ($2k USD original) two low mode brackets with one drilled thru hole for ultra low mode Jerry Hill 5/8 arm post handle PRO female socket block for front mount vest. raincover all the wrenches + original spare screws and caps are still in its original bag.
  3. bought in 2018 asking $4800 USD + shipping it is the heavy model. goes from 14kg to 25kg ( a fully build mini with Cooke S4 is like the minimum load). large vest , great for big operators. it has the string line guide so the mounting is closer to your body. and newest quick release style . better then the frog clip cuz u can boom up without lifting. the serene comes with the tough band systems that's adds additional 5kg of load. making it match the same load as the easyrig heavy. item located in Vancouver Canada. prefer local sell but I can ship anywhere .
  4. why don't u just let cramped attic mod your sled ? they have direct mount from pro post to this battery rack. bypass the pro LEH. just call DAVE HABLY he has all the amazing solutions for u
  5. only items left BPA-1 (make alexa bottom flat and take any dovetail) $50 Tiffen M1 1.75 inch post docking ring x 2 , $50 each.
  6. still avaialble : BPA-1 $50 arri dovetail to RB quick release $50 m1 docking ring x 2 $50 each free shipping for purchase of any 2 items
  7. tilt stage sold still avaialble : transvideo battery mount BPA-1 ARRI dovetail to QR M1 docking ring x2
  8. lots of stuff has been sold. whats left is in all in the post ill keep it updated.
  9. ALL IN $USD 1.Hill docking bracket for 2 inch rings GAD2 (Red) $700 2.M1 docking ring (for 1.75 inch post) x 2 $50 each 7.Transvideo baterry mount (fits newest Red Knob x-sbl) $250 8.cam-jam tilt stage (fits Betz / PRO perfectly, doesn't fit Tiffen m series) $950 usd 9. QR plate to Arri dovetail $50, or free with any purchase of 2 items 10. Jerry Hill BPA-1, for Alexa mounting. $70, free if purchase over $1500 Located in Vancouver, Canada DM, or txt 778-999-0896, or email Steadipanda@gmail.com ALL PRICES ARE IN USD
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