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  1. why don't u just let cramped attic mod your sled ? they have direct mount from pro post to this battery rack. bypass the pro LEH. just call DAVE HABLY he has all the amazing solutions for u
  2. only items left BPA-1 (make alexa bottom flat and take any dovetail) $50 Tiffen M1 1.75 inch post docking ring x 2 , $50 each.
  3. still avaialble : BPA-1 $50 arri dovetail to RB quick release $50 m1 docking ring x 2 $50 each free shipping for purchase of any 2 items
  4. tilt stage sold still avaialble : transvideo battery mount BPA-1 ARRI dovetail to QR M1 docking ring x2
  5. lots of stuff has been sold. whats left is in all in the post ill keep it updated.
  6. ALL IN $USD 1.Hill docking bracket for 2 inch rings GAD2 (Red) $700 2.M1 docking ring (for 1.75 inch post) x 2 $50 each 7.Transvideo baterry mount (fits newest Red Knob x-sbl) $250 8.cam-jam tilt stage (fits Betz / PRO perfectly, doesn't fit Tiffen m series) $950 usd 9. QR plate to Arri dovetail $50, or free with any purchase of 2 items 10. Jerry Hill BPA-1, for Alexa mounting. $70, free if purchase over $1500 Located in Vancouver, Canada DM, or txt 778-999-0896, or email Steadipanda@gmail.com ALL PRICES ARE IN USD
  7. asking $4100 now, shipping included in North america
  8. sold, and thanks alec for your kind words !
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