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  1. BUMP. Pricing it down to 30K for full package + shipping
  2. Greetings to fellow operators. Because of the urgent situation, I have to sell my favorite rig, which I had been putting together for some time. I am not a fan of heavy arms and rigs; I prefer to minimize the weight to leave space for the camera loads. That's why, when I tried the NB stabilizer arm (1.5 kg), it became a no-brainer for me. I have fully upgraded to the HD SDI, 12/24 V Sachtler sled, which, after getting the Volt upgrade, became the best investment for me, the lightest package possible, and completely became my No. 1 tool in 90% of my projects. Anyway, I have to let it go at the moment. The price is 35K, Delivery and insurance are not included. The package includes a sled, vest, arm, 5" low-mode monitor, arri, Sony, red power cables, and many extras. The package is in Miami. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks IMG_5256.HEIC IMG_5258.HEIC IMG_5261.HEIC IMG_5255.HEIC IMG_5253.HEIC IMG_5252.HEIC IMG_5263.HEIC IMG_5251.HEIC IMG_1072 2.HEIC IMG_1930.HEIC
  3. selling my plate - $300 plus shipping
  4. Great arm with front back mount options, just not using the Steadicam anymore, so letting it go for $6500 Here is some info about it A rubber bands powered Arm Silent, Simple, tough and lightweight structure Arm weight: 3.1Kg (6.8Lb) Weight range: 0-32Kg (0-70Lb) - No minimum weight required Super soft at all ranges with any camera weight Boom range: 83cm (32.7 inch) No lockup on boom range edges (nor up or down) Minimum components No maintenance Stainless steel sealed ball bearings (dust and water proof) Hard anodized Teflon sealed New designed Socket - strong, light weight with quick change from regular to goofy foot – all tool free. Each rod end has second knob to prevent play after adjusting the socket. 5 times less pressure on the axis comparing to a spring arm No footsteps showing in long lenses and slow movement Empowers operator's abilities http://www.nbstabilizer.com/arm
  5. Hi everyone, selling my back mount vest $3500, let me know if you have any questions 5.6 ft, 165 lb, waist 34
  6. Updated price: Walter Klassen Flex vest ( the pump is missing but can be replaced with a regular one ) - $3500 NB Arm - $7000
  7. Thank you for your interest, here are some updates: The sled is sold. The vest is still available new price - 4K the arm is still available.
  8. Thanks everyone for your interest. After lots of requests, I'm splitting the package. The sled - sale is pending Walter Klassen Flex - $4500 NBstabilizer arm with front mount and back mount sockets - 8K Let me know if you have any questions, thanks
  9. OFF topic, in case someone is interested. I'm selling my XT package, great condition, 1020 hours, internal ND set included. 50K for everything. Let me know if you have any questions and I can send you more pics upon request. openphil@gmail.com Arri ALEXA XT Camera Body Arri ALEXA EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder Arri ALEXA VMB-3 Mounting Bracket is Arri ALEXA Short Viewfinder Cables (0.35m/1.2ft) Arri ALEXA Medium Viewfinder Cable Arri Anamorphic De-Squeeze License w. Camera Arri Alexa High-Speed License (with Camera) Arri Alexa ASD-1 SD Card, 2GB Arri XR Capture Drive 4X 512 GB Arri Single Dock Thunderbolt Arri WA-1 Wedge Adapter for ALEXA Arri BPA-2 Bridge Plate Adapter Arri LB-1 Leveling Block for ALEXA Arri SP-4 Shoulder Pad for Alexa Arri CCH-1 Center Camera Handle for ALEXA Arri HEB-2 Handle Extension Block for ALEXA Arri BP-13 Bridge Plate Top (15mm) Arri SxS Adapter 1 AB-PWR-SUPPLY -221W-24V 10 ft 24v Power Cable for Alexa HOP-HP-CBL10-ALX 1 IC-2637* Innerspace Case for Alexa Body with Accessories. 1 AR-801200* Arri ALEXA Battery Adapter Back for Gold Mount 1 AN-QR-QUAD PT Anton Bauer QR-QUAD-PT Sandwich Adapter with 4 221W / 24v Power Supply Internal IRND set 3,6,9,1.2,1.5,1.8,2.1,clear 4 Dyna DS-260A 14.8V 260Wh Batteries 1 Dyna D-4A Charger
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