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    MK-V Nexus four-stage sled with V4 electronics, XCS Ultimate 1 sled, GPI Pro Titan arm, Tiffen G70 arm, Fawcett Exovest, GPI Pro vest, Preston remote focus MDR3, HU3, single channel HU iris control, Anton Bauer Dionic XT batteries and charger, Klassen vehicle/mitchell hardmount, Inovativ Apollo 72 cart, Arrihead 1.
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  1. Bolero. They're expensive and the units are chunky but to be able to use a Bluetooth lightweight system on the head as opposed to an HME headset which flies off the moment you look up or down is worth it.
  2. Great write up, thanks Shawn.
  3. Feels like you'd constantly be fighting the linkage to see your onboard monitor.
  4. Hey Rob, sent you a msg on your arm protection thread but I may send you a pic of my 8" Transvideo XSBL on my camjam yoke to get a quote for the monitor cover. Also, fancy making a cover for the bottom LEH of an XCS Ultimate 1? I'd be interested. 



    1. Rob Carlson

      Rob Carlson

      Hi Alan,

      No problem, can do both. May I ask you to email robbicover@gmail.com or 8473437255 for specifics.  Or leave yours here and I’ll contact 

    2. Alan G. Kelly SOC
  5. Rob, are there any access slits to get an allen key in to trim the arm? Thx
  6. Just realized an error in that post. I never promote bare feet on set at any time with gear around but in some circumstances you may get better footing yourself operating without shoes and socks depending on density/moistness of the terrain.
  7. This sled's a beaut. Someone should grab it.
  8. Neal, very well assembled and explained and Volt or no Volt -lovely operating.
  9. This is what I need the least but want the most. Beautifully done.
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