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  1. Lazy susan sold. 2-pin lemo to 2-pin lemo and C-stand head sold.
  2. 2-pin male lemo to 2-pin male lemo pending. Grip head pending. Shot bags pending. Battery belt pending.
  3. PAM arms sold. Socket block sold. 2-pin lemo to D-Tap sold.
  4. For sale: Mounting plate with 15mm bracket *height and side-to-side adjustable* Lovely mounting plate with 15mm rod receiver bracket that adjusts both in height and side-to-side. Grip surface up top and lots mounting options for your steadi plate below. Minor signs of use. Selling for $225 usd. PM here or send email to alankellycamera@gmail.com. Thank you.
  5. For sale: MK-V V2 monitor arm. Pristine condition. Was bought for my second Nexus rig but sat on shelf and never used. Fits any 2" post and includes spacer to fit stage directly below center post on Nexus. Does not include monitor mount. MSRP with monitor mount $800. Selling for $350 usd PM here or send email to alankellycamera@gmail.com. Thank you.
  6. Short story -our place has become a camera prep lane. Gear everywhere. If my partner trips over one more case she'll send me to the couch. If I trip over one more case I'll send myself to the couch but I can't ...because there's gear on it. You get the picture. Stuff needs to go. Everything is shipping from Toronto, Canada. Understandably I can't run to the post office to get a quote for every item but if you are not in a hurry to get stuff I can ground ship USPS via Canada Post for cheaper. Socket Block. Missing one screw. Used. I have three arms (Pro/G70/3A) and it fits them all tightly $210 usd. Touch and Go plates. Used. Msrp new approx $90 USD. Selling for $40 usd each for the ones with grip pad on them *from left to right plates #1-3* and $35 usd for the one without *plate #4* C-Stand head. Used. It's ugly and works great. Selling for $5 usd. Counter weights with threaded bolts. Source unknown. Combined weight approx a Dionic 90 and a half. Selling pair for $5 usd. Baseplates. 750 spigot. Used. Selling for $15 usd each or the pair for $20 usd. Precision Camera Battery Belt. Brand new, never used seven-chamber belt. Six of the seven chambers have protective foam lining. Selling for $30 usd. Type E AC plug for you jet setters. 2-pin grounded 16A 220-240 v. Selling for $5 usd. Lazy susan. Made by yours truly. I have two but don't need both. Mitchell sized to fit perfectly on plate if need be. Non-slip padding on both sides. Selling for $20 usd. Shot bags. My logo is on it in sharpie otherwise unused as they were backup bags. $6 usd each or the pair for $10 usd. Avenger Light Stand with leveling leg. Black Aluminum-alloy. Used. Was my backup lightweight docking stand for tight spaces. I cleanly sheared a bit off the top of the 750 pin so that it better fit my Hill dock allowing the dock to rest on the o-ring and not pull down so hard as the Hill docks tend to do. Selling for $80 usd. RED DVI Cable. Brand new. $5 usd. 15mm stainless steel rods. 17 1/4" pair $30 usd 8" pair $16 usd 9 1/2" single $8 usd 6" single $5 usd. Misc Items. 1. XLR 4-pin male to 4-pin female 6 ft long $15 usd. 2. 2-pin lemo to D-Tap 12V. 12" $30 usd 3. 4-pin lemo female to 5-pin lemo male 9" $30 usd 4. Right-angled 4-pin lemo to 12 pin fischer *I think* 19" $20 usd 5. 2-pin male to 2-pin male lemo 12V $30 usd 6. 15mm rod bushings. In think it came from a Bartech set *will not fit Jerry Hill 5/8 rod motor clamps* $10 usd 7. HVX 200 bracket $5 usd 8. Bracket of unknown origin with sliding 1/4 20 and 3/8 threaded piece $30 usd 9. Receiver bracket for v-shaped male piece. $15 usd 10. 15mm-sized rod bracket of some kind. $10 usd 11. Preston MDR1 plate $10 usd 12. Part unknown $3 usd 13. Mini 15mm threaded rod extension. $5 usd 14 Uniclamp knock-off. I can't get it to work well. Maybe you can. $5 usd 15. Jerry Hill 5/8" PAM arm. $30 usd 16. Jerry Hill 15mm PAM arm. $30 usd Can message me here or at alankellycamera@gmail.com. Thanks.
  7. Hey Joel,


    Do you know what the part number is for the flat knob-based screws you got from McMaster Carr that you use on your socket block?



    1. Joel San Juan SOC
    2. Alan G. Kelly

      Alan G. Kelly

      Awesome. Thank you very much.



  8. For sale Arri Unit Bag - Medium In good shape. Like many bags that utilize transparent plastic pockets there has been some separation between the border and velcro strip. Also there is a tear in the fabric on the inside of the bag that I repaired with some gaffer tape while on the job. Otherwise bag is good to go. It spent most of its time sitting on the bottom of my cart holding some ancillary items and didn't get opened often. Waterproof exterior. Exterior manufactured from superior quality PVC coated tarpaulin that is capable of withstanding temperatures from -20 °C to +40 °C • Superior construction with high tensile strength stitching for durability and resilience. Additional features include; one-piece, impact resistant, lightweight interior frame; a padded lining made from velcro-compatible fabric; reinforced base and lid; heavy-duty zippers with zipper pulls; and water-resistant zippers on the external front and side pockets • Practical interior allows you to organise your gear via two adjustable, padded dividers and four transparent pockets with velcro closure on the lid • Fast-access exterior organisation provides additional storage for plenty of extra gear via one large zipped front pocket; two zipped side pockets; one elasticated canister holder; one elasticated back pocket; and a bungee strap on the lid Bought for $150 usd. Selling for $85 usd. Porta Brace CAR-2 Cargo Case - blue In superb shape. Very clean, recently pressure washed and then sat in storage. All zippers and pockets function perfectly. A 2019 CAR-2 retails for $218 usd. Selling for $150 usd. Porta Brace MO-10 Large Portable Monitor Case - blue In good shape. Very clean, recently pressure washed and then sat in storage. All zippers and pockets function perfectly. MO-10 isn't available anymore but like all Porta Brace it wasn't cheap. Selling for $120 usd. Underwater Kinetics Neon Yellow Case UK-6510 Some scuffing from being moved around from storage to storage and some pieces from one of the layers of pick n'pluck foam are missing (see pic) but this case was never actually used. Neon yellow -your case will never get lost in the crowd. Waterproof, dustproof, high-impact ABS material, locking options on case, machined brass vent control. Interior 12 x 9 x 6 in Exterior 12.81 x 10.36 x 6.64 in 4.7 lbs w/foam Bought for $100 usd. Selling for $50 usd All items ship from Toronto, Canada. Buyer pays shipping. Please send inquiries to alankellycamera@gmail.com
  9. For sale Zalex Longplate This plate is BRAND NEW and never seen a day of work. Very minor single corner marking (as seen in pic) from sitting in a bin that got jostled around during a move. Other than that it is pristine. Peter does good work -this plate is a beauty but I have too much gear and letting it go. Comes with all hardware, printed instructions and I'll even throw in my micro-wrench. Good for tightening the bits and just general all around schtick. Paid $300 USD for it. Selling for $250 USD. Ships from Toronto, Canada. Buyer pays shipping. Please send inquiries to alankellycamera@gmail.com
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