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    MK-V Nexus four-stage sled with V4 electronics, XCS Ultimate 1 sled, GPI Pro Titan arm, Tiffen G70 arm, Fawcett Exovest, GPI Pro vest, Preston remote focus MDR3, HU3, single channel HU iris control, Anton Bauer Dionic XT batteries and charger, Klassen vehicle/mitchell hardmount, Inovativ Apollo 72 cart, Arrihead 1.
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  1. Last time I got a response from them was April 1st.
  2. This sled's a beaut. Someone should grab it.
  3. Neal, very well assembled and explained and Volt or no Volt -lovely operating.
  4. The order of those replies is great.
  5. This is what I need the least but want the most. Beautifully done.
  6. Anyone know where I can get a black rubber ring with a concave interior as well as soft foam wrap for a gimbal handle akin to XCS's? love how my Ultimate gimbal feels in the hand and want to do the same treatment for my second gimbal, a MK-V V2. Before you suggest it I've already asked Greg about the bike handlebar foam but no specific brand is ever mentioned. Thanks gang.
  7. Sand work is tough. It seems fruitless but try to scout the area first and if there is the time and money (when is there ever...) have locations, under your direction, dig up the sand and put chicken wire down, then lay the sand back on. Instant workable surface but not compatible/safe if you are working with background performers in their bare feet. I never promote bare feet on set at any time with gear around but in some circumstances you may get better footing yourself operating with shoes and socks depending on density/moistness of the terrain.
  8. Hey Matthias. Not sure how the dock would jive with built in collar on the MK-V but what price do you have on it?
  9. Hi all, Looking for a dock for my backup MK-V Nexus sled w/2" post. A an actual MK-V dock would be great but happy to look at other solutions. Thanks.
  10. Lazy susan sold. 2-pin lemo to 2-pin lemo and C-stand head sold.
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