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  1. I would love to see more integration of additional links. I don't see why technically it would not be possible to use the same link to have also: - serial communication (this is low rate) - tally (very low rate) - intercom (also relatively low rate compared to the video data or the existing uncompressed audio data) - reference (requires a timing offset (to incoming ref signal) to be transmitted in the radio package) - and why not even a half-res return feed or full res with compression Then finally there is an all in one solution. Now you need a separate device for each... Any device that would offer a proper product with more links integrated will have fantastic sales. Did anyone maybe already find a device that has some link integration? (apart from the Beam) Joris
  2. Hi Andrew, Modified the protocol? I know that Sony flips between odd and even parity settings in the middle of the command. However, there is an easy way around that: just also send the parity bit itself. Don't check the partity, just send the bit. The camere will then receive what it expects. As far as I know for the rest it's just standard 38400 baud RS-422 or RS-232. Joris
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