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  1. I know this has been asked before in this thread, but it has since been locked and is quite old so I don't know if the info is still accurate. Does anybody know the best way to contact Robert Luna (is he still working?). I have an old 3a arm that I am looking to get refurbished / upgraded. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, Brett! I have been reading the guide and trying to follow it's instructions as much possible. My shoulder pads not being flush with my shoulders was really why I started playing around with different fits to begin. I think I have solved that issue so I guess just I'll keep experimenting while making sure my form and posture are correct, Thanks again
  3. Hey guys, So I have been operating on a new-to-me Glidecam V-16 with the accompanying arm and vest. As I have been practicing at home I have been trying out different vest configurations to find the one that best suits me. My biggest remaining question is should the bottom pads be resting lower on the body around hip or just above hip level (and distributing weight there) or should they be a little higher, resting around the waist or on the abs? I have been sort of looking at pictures of different operators but still can't a consensus from them. I know it's largely up to personal preference I guess, but I am just wondering if there some sort of official guide to this. It seems to me that when I rest the pads lower on my body it seems to increase fatigue in my lower / mid back, but maybe I am imagining things. Thanks!
  4. Haha totally just noticed that this was you Jarrett. I'll check out the Belden cable also, thanks!
  5. Thanks for the advice Alan, I'll check those out! It just seems odd that I can't find and buy "spools" of coiled cable anywhere.
  6. So I am making some new camera power cords for myself and I was thinking it would be really nice to have have coiled / pigtail / stretchable cable for these. I can't seem to find any raw cable like this for sale though. So I am looking for raw cable like this: that have has similar characteristics to something like Canare Two-Conductor Cable (http://www.canare.com/ProductItemDisplay.aspx?productItemID=57) or Canare Star Quad (http://www.canare.com/ProductItemDisplay.aspx?productItemID=53). Thanks!
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