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  1. BUMP! Vest in really great condition. Built for bigger body frame. Vest will fit 5'10" tall, 40"- 44" waist $3000 or best offer Email: jonathanlabby@yahoo.com
  2. Walter Klassen Universal back mounted vest for sale. Very good condition- minimal scratches from normal use. The pad covers are very clean! (just re-washed) :) Low profile arm Comes with all original replacement parts, air pump, manual, leather arm bag, Klassen travel bag for vest New front foam padding Vest will fit 5'10" tall, 40"- 44" waist (If your measurements are slightly different, email me your measurements so I can contact Walter Klassen to see if this vest could be modified for you) USD $3500 obo Will ship worldwide Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance costs. Email me at: jonathanlabby@yahoo.com
  3. Bartech Focus Device and M-One Motor have been SOLD The Glidecam Gold arm is still for sale: $5000 obo The Shark Fin Antenna is still for sale: $50 + shipping/ insurance.
  4. ANOTHER PHOTO!!! Email me if you want to see other angles or close-ups of any item. Thanks!
  5. I am selling some pieces that are not getting used enough. Everything is in VERY GOOD shape and I'm the original owner. I feel the prices are very reasonable but I'm open to negotiations, so please don't hesitate to contact me with reasonable offers. I have also attached pictures below. Thanks! Glidecam Gold Arm: This has been a great arm. It's lifting capacity is the same as a 3A arm but the Glidecam arm has 6 titanium springs, which also carry a lifetime replacement warranty through Glidecam. It can handle camera loads of 13 to 40 pounds and a combined camera and sled capacity of 31 to 56 pounds. The vest connector is also made from titanium. I used this arm with my current Walter Klassen back mounted vest as well as my old Steadicam Ultra2 vest. I am including the weather resistant gator guard arm covers too. This arm was $8000 new and I'm asking $5000 or best offer. Bartech Focus Device: The included components are listed below: - transmitter unit - receiver unit - iris rod mounting bracket for 15mm & 19mm rods - PRO mounting bracket - (1) BFD receiver 4-pin XLR power cable - (1) BFD receiver Anton Bauer power cable - (1) BFD receiver to ARRI 435/535/Arricam/Movicam run/stop cable - (1) BFD receiver wired remote control to pull your own focus. I used to attach this small unit to my gimbal. It worked well. - Extra marking strips for the BFD transmitter hand unit - case - neck strap - extra screws and key ring for hand unit I am asking $1800 or best offer. I would prefer to sell the Bartech with my M-One motor as a complete package for $3500 or best offer. Let me know if you would like to purchase only the Bartech or M-One motor separately. M-One motor: This kit includes the motor, Bartech power cable, the original full set of snap on gears, 15mm and 19mm rod collets, the mounting brackets and the custom fitted case. I am asking $1800 or best offer. Shark Fin Antenna: This is in great condition. It is a UHF Ultra High Gain antenna. I used this with my old Modulus 3000 and transvideo receiver. I am asking $50 Weight Cage: SOLD Vehicle Mount: This mount is in VERY GOOD condition. I purchased it new from Walter Klassen about 2 years ago. It comes with the case, the mounting bracket with socket block, the 2" speed-rail mounting clamp, the tripod mounting bracket, and the custom fitted pelican case. I only used it on a few projects. I am asking $800 or best offer. Thanks for checking out the items for sale. Email me if you are interested in any of the items and would like other photos. Buyers will be responsible for shipping and insurance costs. Thanks again!!!
  6. I have 2 iKan LED Multi-K lights for sale. I only used these on 2 projects and they look brand new and work really well. They can both be powered off AA batteries or I have a custom Y cable that can power both of them from a single 4pin XLR power source. Along with the 2 standard AC power supplies, I also have a single Anton Bauer power cable. I used these 2 lights on my Steadicam so I'm also including (2) 15mm iris rod brackets and (2) 6" articulating arms. Everything is like new. These lights have 6 adjustable color temperature too. 2800K, 3200K, 4000K, 4800K, 5600K, 6500K - Uses 6 AA Batteries - Lux equivalent to 50W Tungsten - Weighs less than a pound each - 144 LED Bulbs in red, white and yellow Operating Volts: 12v - 18v Dimension: L 4.9" x W 4.3" x H 1.6" Weight (lbs): .8 with batteries Bulb Type: LED Color Temperature: 2800k - 6500k http://ikancorp.com/productInfo.php?id=219 I am selling everything together as a kit for $1200 OBO. I will also include a Pelican 1450 case. The case was originally used for other equipment so the foam was never customized for the lights but they are packed very well, along with both AC power supplies, all cables, and brackets. Contact me with questions and/or payment options. Thanks.
  7. Happy Holidays Everyone, I am looking for a used MK-V Lite sled, PRO Lite sled or something similar, preferably with a dual Anton Bauer battery bracket but I'm open to other configurations. 12/24v optional and with a minimum of a 2 stage post. If it's prewired for HDSDI already, even better. Any accessories such as dovetail plates w/o iris rods, monitor bracket, a 3A comparable gimbal or better. I need the sled to support at least 35lbs of camera weight. If there are any used sleds that meet my requirements and are for sale, please contact me. I am open to seeing what options are available. I'm looking to stay under $8K depending on the options but closer to $6K or lower if possible. Thanks. Contact me here if you have pictures: jonathanlabby@yahoo.com - Jonathan Labby
  8. Yep! That was me! It was a very interesting shoot. I briefly met the other Steadicam Operator who was shooting HD for Pay-Per-View. I trailed him during a shot from the stage, down the ramp, towards the ring, during John Cena's entrance. I was "blessed" with doing a 360 shot from the center of the ring right after Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls sang. haha It was a fun shot and I look forward to seeing it on the DVD, maybe? The Producers did have me running around the stadium getting shots of the crowds as well. Reliant Stadium is REALLY BIG! Wrestling fans are surely one of a kind :-) I had a guy propose to his wife on film (I was shooting with an SR3) My AC and I couldn't help laughing because the guy gave a mini speech and was completely unaware that I wasn't recording audio. I wonder what will make it onto the DVD release later this month. Overall, it was an entertaining and pretty physically demanding shoot for 5 hours. I just bought a vest from Walter Klassen and used it for the first time on this shoot. WOW! I was super impressed and will stand behind this vest and the quality and craftsmanship that went into making it. - Jonathan Labby
  9. I have listed this vest on eBay now. If anyone has a Klassen back-mounted vest that they would want to trade or swap with a discount, please let me know. My height is 5' 10'' and my waist is 38-40. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:L:LCA:US:1123 thanks, Jonathan Labby
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