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  1. Hugo has spent quite some time getting these right. They should fit any and every cinema products 3A style arm, no matter what serial number (apparently there were slight differences over the years). Refreshed look of a classic arm that will never go out of style. It's no PRO, but anyone who's owned one of these will surely agree, it's rock solid and always dependable. Now given a refreshed look, and for me, quicker access for user repairs (I have the toolless attachments made by Robert Luna, which now I no longer have to remove to get the spring covers off), and the spring tension window is longer for ballparking the weight. Give Hugo a shout if you need to replace your arm covers. admin@steadyrig.com
  2. I'm still getting them. Popups and whole page ads. Really annoying.
  3. I have ONE of the first ones, but not THE first. I think it's 3rd or 4th. He was always talking about his steadi bumper but I think his plans were a little over-engineered for what we need. I mean, it really should just be a bit of foam padding to protect the rig. If anything he should make something similar to what Ron Baldwin uses and make a bumper with a platform to rest the sled on TOP of. Maybe I'll mention this to him. I love my cart. It's rock solid and super customisable. A bit heavy for air travel (I end up putting the wheels in a separate bag to keep it under 100 pounds, so it's still doable, but if you fly a LOT, maybe go for an inovativ). What I like most about it is how quick it is to build and tear down. I save easily 20 minutes a day compared to my old backstage cart. He's backordered on his steadi masts right now, apparently because of aluminum availability. Still worth paying a visit and playing around with one.
  4. That sounds like a compromise of quality. Didn't he originally go with a 2 inch post because of vibrations? 1.75 isn't going to be as good.
  5. Apparently Betz has adapted a volt to a 50mm gimbal, which is 1.969 inches (so close!). Gives me hope that it'll soon be adapted to a 2 inch, to be used on a XCS post. But it's all quiet out there. Is anybody actively pursuing it? Greg Bubb? MK-V?
  6. Thanks everyone! The production can't afford it, and by extension me. Hopefully soon I'll find people with real pockets, and I'll definitely be using this information to my advantage.
  7. Thanks, though they don't have any prices listed. I sent in an email asking for a quote.
  8. I'm looking to possibly rent a full rig for this weekend, one that can fly an Alexa no problem. I can't seem to locate any rental houses in Los Angeles that have rigs that can support that kind of weight. Message me on here, or email me at Alex@alexvanputten.com
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