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  1. Meetup might be good for organizing the logistics, but I'm guessing here or Facebook would be better for getting the word out.
  2. Actually, I second that. I did a shoot on the beach yesterday and noticed that the horizon was just slightly off. It is tough to trim it to be level when it's just ever so slightly off like that. The manual says to click the trim button once to lock in the new setting, but I've found (maybe imagined) that it only works if you hold it down for a second. Still tricky to make very fine trim adjustments. I would love to have something like the motorized stage, where you could remotely dial in the trim. Or even just another dial on the control box that would let you adjust it manually.
  3. I've had mine go wild a couple of times, and powering off and back on solved it. It's a bit unnerving when it happens, but fortunately very rare.
  4. Me too! Also new to LA and would love to meet some other ops. My technique is already flawless so I can also model / stand-in / convincingly imitate human behavior.
  5. I recently ran into some discussion on this and wish I remembered where I saw it. The recommendation was this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1249877-REG/ruggard_rc_fc714_fabric_rain_shield_small.html I just ordered one myself and hope to never use it.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm finally letting go of my G-50 arm with X upgrade! I've been the only owner for 10 years, and never rented it out. It got the X upgrade in 2012, and I replaced the hanger with a custom-made beefier version a few years ago. It's in perfect working order, only selling because I'm selling my lightweight rig. Depending on your location and my workload, I may be able to deliver it in person. Otherwise, I can certainly ship it. Asking $6,500. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
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