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  1. BUMP OK, time to make this gear move. I'm breaking it out and lowering prices. GPI Pro I HD sled with XCS gimbal, all cables, mount brackets, monitor and case. = $8,000.00 Bartech Follow focus with extra M1 motor = 1,500.00 KS-8 Gyro = 1,500.00 Buyers pay shipping/insurance.
  2. Hi Stuart! I wanted to ask a few questions about your sled! What’s your phone number?

    1. Stuart Penny

      Stuart Penny

      Hi Gabriel,

      My number is 505-670-7600.  Sorry for the late reply.


  3. Selling my GPI Pro 1 HD sled with XCS gimbal and GenIV battery rack. Included are many cables, brackets, Bartech follow focus and KS-8 gyro. Sorry but I am keeping my arm and vest. I’m selling because I upgraded to an M2. I would like to sell this as a complete package and have priced it accordingly. For 2-3 weeks I will not break anything out. Buyer pays shipping and insurance or local pickup. I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico. PayPal only. $17,500.00 US GPI Pro 1 - HD Conversion with Gen IV battery rack a) 2X - 12"- 15mm rods blk. b) 2x - Mounting brackets. 1X - SmallHD 702 monitor 1X - Custom configured monitor mount 2X - 7" dovetail plates 1X - 9" dovetail plate 1X - XCS Gimbal Tool Spare Fuses for Pro Sled Spare O rings for XCS gimbal Signal Pads - 2X 6DB and 1X 3DB 1X - Pelican case Disclosures: a) The fore/aft knob has been bent slightly. It works just fine but is stiff. b) HD conversion and bottom stage done by David at Cramped Attic c) I've always used the SmallHD monitor with LP6 batteries(not included) for the weight but I will include 2X LPS to Dtap cables in case that is prefered power source. Cables 1 16" HDSDI monitor cable 1 Pro > monitor(long for superpost) 1 Pro > AB Dtap Breakout box 1 Pro > BOXX transmitter 1 PFD reciever to Arri 435/535/Arricam/Moviecam Run/Stop 1 Pro > Marchall Monitor 1 REDEpic Dragon power 1 Arriflex/Amira/Alexa mini power 2 Panaflex Power 2 XLR Power right angle (check before using) 1 Panavision alteranative power (all) 2 4PIN XLR power rght angle (check before using) 1 BFD reciever to EFP/IIIA/Pro power cable 1 Arri/Alexa power right angle 2 Arri 535/Alexa power straight 2 3PIN XLR straght (check before using) 1 Preston MDR power 1 Modulus 3000 Bartech 1 M-One motor w/ 5 gears 1 Heden M26VE motor w/ 4 gears 1 Transmitter/motor control 1 Hand held focus devise 2 attenas 4 extra attenas 2 Motor control lemo cables 1 BDF Dtap power cable 2 Motor mounts 1 pelican case Gyro Stabilizer 1 KS-8 stabilizer 1 12V Inverter on/off switch 1 12V car socket charger 1 12V AC battery charger 1 12V FAS1075 battery w/ case (practically new) 1 Battery to XLR cable 1 extra fuses and mounting screw 1 Pelican case 941715356_GPIPRO.MOV
  4. Selling three CP2 Zeiss lenses. These lenses are in mint condition with no scratches, barrel marks, or blemishes of any kind. 100mm - T/2.1. - 2,000.00 28mm - T/2.1 - 1,800.00 15mm - T/2.9 - 2,000.00 5,000.00 for all three.
  5. Selling a few things. 10 Chocolate bar batteries, rack, case, 2chargers = 300.00 plus shipping 12 Anton Bauer Proformer 3 NiCad 30WH and charger = 300.00 plus shipping 1 GPI Super Post(SD) with gimbal and Donkey Box(no plates) Case included = 600.00 plus shipping 2 Anton Bauer Chargers - 2 quads = 600.00 plus shipping I am located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. All batteries are in decent shape. Have been used but still hold good charge and had no issues last time out.
  6. I would take it if the other direction doesn't happen....thanks, s
  7. UPDATE: The TB-6 and Decimater have been SOLD. Someone make me an offer on the battery rack and batteries.
  8. Update: I am no longer selling the sled. I decided to have it upgraded with new HD wiring and battery rack. I'm much happier as I really liked this rig.... Since this is the case, I will now be selling the following items: 1X - XCS TB-6 green screen monitor and cable (does not include mount) - $1000.00 1X - PRO 1 battery rack, 10 batteries, and two chargers - $800.00 1X - Decimator - $200.00 Open to offers and I am in need of an 8" yoke monitor mount and Anton Bauer batteries if anyone would like to make a trade.
  9. Selling my sled system. Great unit complete and ready to work. Complete System Purchase - $13,500.00 U.S. 1. 1X PRO camera stabilizer (s/n 22.) Upgraded interchangeable center post. Comes with original custom Calzone case. 2. 1X Pro D-Box (s/n 149) 3. 1X XCS Ergo gimbal. 4. 10X original PRO batteries with 4 PAG Micrometer chargers and original custom Calzone Case. 5. 1 XCS TB-6 high intensity daylight viewable monitor, with PRO bracket. 6. 1X PRO Superpose with IIIA gimbal and original Pro donkey Box. Comes with custom Clydesdale case. 7. 1X Jerry Hill Gorelock docking bracket. 8. 1X PRO monitor bracket. 9. 2X Preston brackets for attaching MDR to sled. 10. 1X Recordermount for sled. 11. 2X 7" Camera plates with 2 6" rods. 12. 1X 9" Camera plate. 13. 14 Cables: 2X Pro power to Preston MDR. 1X PRO power to BOXX HD transmitter, 2X PRO power to straight Arri 535/435/Allexa, 1X PRO power to right angle Arri 535/435/Allexa, 2X lightweight BNC, 2X PRO power to Panaflex, 3X straight XLR to PRO power, 4X right angle XLR to Pro power, 1X PRO power to Panavision ALT, 2X PRO monitor cables 44" for super post and 31" for regular use. 14. 1X Decimator Box for HD to SD conversion. 15. 1X Marshall Monitor (back up unit to XCS monitor with exposure tools).
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