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  1. thank you Jens, the link you give is the same one as i have already contact them. but they are not response. i haven't call because i base in bangkok thailand. over sea call will cost me a lot money. i even left the message on their Facebook page they also not response. about my real name. chantra is my real name but the 1st i register i hadn't put my last name on. later i back and try to edit to put last name on but it no name change in edit page.
  2. hello friends, I've been send my M26 motor since mid of march 2 weeks later they email me that the motor it been serviced. now 4 weeks pass the person name Magnus who i contact to is not response me back on any of my email. i don't know why. my company is ready to wire money transfer for the service even my M26 motor is not less than one year since bought. i really need my motor back to work and my company is ready to pay and delivery it back. but we don't know how and what to do if they are not response. has anyone experience to sent heden motor to repair or service or if anyone know how to contact them with other way or email? just hope that someone here find me the way and can help me out. thanks in advance. chantra
  3. hello, im looking for used batech wireless focus kit. thanks guys,
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