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  1. Hi Emiliano Ive used the xARM with my klassen. Had to lower the klassen arm by 3 or 4 inches to get the sled height where I wanted it. Apart from that it seems to work very well Morgs
  2. Hi all the rig is still for sale. ive had a few people ask about splitting the kit, so... im willing to sell the basic rig (arm, vest, sled, cables, dock + monitor) with the C-stand and storm case. ill keep the batts, Tx and all the extras... looking for £5500 cheers morgs mail (@) morganlowndes.com +44 7789 432679
  3. i guess they photoshoped this pic on their rig: http://pro.jvc.com/pro/attributes/HDTV/pho...al/DSC_7747.jpg cheeky!
  4. Full Glidecam V-25 kit in excellent condition, plus lots of extras: Arm in mint condition Sled, AB mount, excellent condition, some signs of wear on/around docking clamp. Vest with custom built laser-cut modified chest plate with ratchet straps. all original vest parts included. Dock. Large and small arm posts Camera plate. Glidecam L7 LCD monitor in A1 condition, no scratches. AB mount. Panasonic pro 7” LCD directors monitor with AB mount - Some signs of wear on screen. Panasonic/porta brace soft case with hood and screen protector (fits monitor, battery and video receiver) 6 x anton bauer hytron 50 batteries 3 x AB lifesaver dual chargers with cables basic video transmitter with 2 receivers plus cables Lemo to 2.1 mm power cable, Lemo to 4 pin Xlr power cable,Bnc to phone video cable Bnc to bnc video cable, plus Various bnc, phono, mini jack, xlr cables and adapters Various 1/4-20 and 3/8 -16 camera screws misc spare screws/bolts for rig. Manfrotto 501 quick release Adapter with camera plate. Small quick release adapter with plate for sled monitor. All original tools plus various additional allen keys etc All original instruction manuals DVD of ‘basic steadicam techniques’ DVD of ‘Advanced steadicam techniques’ Custom built weight cage (15lbs) Custom built antlers Large Storm case with wheels - iM2950 flight case. houses sled/arm and dock 3 x alloy flight cases for monitors, batteries, cables and tools. Large plastic case for chargers, vest, antlers Large very heavy Duty Arri c-stand with lazy leg Large umbrella (plugs into c-stand to cover rig) This is a full kit with everything you need, ready to work. I have flown a variety of cameras on this, including hdv/HD/Digi, sr2, 35-2c etc… it has always performed faultlessly. This is a reluctant sale but I need to free up some cash to invest in other kit. Equipment is located in Cornwall, UK Would prefer a UK buyer but may consider sending abroad, (its going to cost a lot to send all this abroad securely) At the moment CVP are listing basic V-25 kit alone at over £8500: http://www.creativevideo.co.uk/publi...=glidecam_v-25 looking for offers around £7500
  5. hello chaps anyone know who did the the ITV footy ad where the camera does a walk n talk out of a studio? very nice steadicam work... best morgs
  6. just wondered how much power 1 moderator has? have seen a few other forums where there is much discussion and wondered if 1 "moderator" can actually have a lot of control... just trying to figure how much power of speech is really available on t'interweb... best morgs
  7. model is: Panasonic TC-7WMS1 was using it on a shoot on the weekend and all of all of a sudden it just started saying 'warning'. tried different batts, video input etc and no joy. i have a shoot on sat and although i have a backup i would like to have this one on set. any ideas? m
  8. theyre going hand held now, because of safety issues and also disagreements over fee's. i feel happy about this as it all sounded a way too sketchy for me! thanks for the info anyway chaps morgs mike - its a 30' fishing boat off the coast of Cornwall, uk. any thoughts on this? i live in Cornwall so its only a matter of time before this situation arises again...
  9. alec thanks for the info. im on an sr2 job at the moment and presumed the sl would have on board batteries! just been told steadicam has been canceled because of safety issues... theyre gonna go hand held now. thanks for the replies anyway morgs
  10. have been offered a shoot on a fairly large fishing boat. 35mm short drama, and fairly simple camera moves, but hard mount not possible. its sounds like too many safety issues though... slippy unsure footing, salt water, choppy seas... my common sense says dont get involved, and i have said this to production but they are still very very keen. any advice? couldnt find any obvious threads about this, has anyone done this or is it a strict No no... thanks morgs
  11. Erik, thanks for the specs, its quite a lightwight camera huh! James your right, my rig is only 12v so i will need to power camera from on board batts if poss, dont want to be cabled to anything if i can avoid it. i suspect with on board batt and the preston it will be pretty close to the rigs limit. i think i can get the camera a week before the shoot, so ill find out one way or another. thanks morgs
  12. been offered a shoot using moviecam sl but ive never used this camera before. production cant afford to hire a bigger rig so i wanted to know if it would fly on my v25 (25lb limit)? any guesses on the weight of an sl with video tap, on board battery, clip on Matte box + preston FF?! many thanks morgs
  13. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=AAD6isyKyoo come on then guys, own up... who was it?
  14. im selling my marell green screen. its the basic version, no framelines, but still a good screen. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:IT&ih=015 thanks morgan
  15. check this bit: :P Gimbal specifications:- 1. Wheelbarrow bearing provides Rotational control over camera so the camera can be easily rotated on its axis
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