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  1. Hey Kyle, I'm just curious what you went with and what's your experience?
  2. This is absolutely amazing! Does anyone know who was the steadicam operator? And is that actually a steadicam shot at 1:50 or drone? Is it possible to go up the stairs that fast with steadicam? Amazing! Would be great to know more about it! bts? making of? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tuHIhXyxrI
  3. Thank you for this post Tom! Would be also very interesting to hear from operators working in Europe. What is your experience? Production trends regarding focus package, Europe vs. USA, Canada and Australia …
  4. Hi Victor Very good question, excellent answers! Thanks! I had a situation yesterday where we shot outside in the cold, than hopped in a heated car, went to an other locations shot outside again back to the car and so on. Each time about half an hour in cold, 15 minutes in warm. Camera and monitor worked perfectly, but a couple of screws came loose on my vest and a buckle fell off by the last shoot. Must add that I didn't check on those screws the night before, since they always seemed pretty tight to me. (LX vest, load was not heavy) Best, Peter
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