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  1. Selling pro gimbal + long handle and telescoping Center post. Both are latest gen and recently serviced (last month). Price New is $9792 + tax/shipping Price is firm. Will split up: Gimbal 5500 Centerpost 2500 DM me or email me at nickmullercine@gmail.com Unfortunately only have rig photos to show as Im on the go but contact me and Ill have pictures of the parts separated shortly.
  2. Asking $2100 In good condition, has an upgraded dbiii MDR diving board. Dm me or email me at NickMullerCine@Gmail.com.
  3. Looking for an older Pro Gimbal Yoke
  4. Putting the feelers out there. This arm has treated me very well and is in very good condition. The arm used to belong to Scott Sakamoto, his name is engraved in the arm and I will include custom Magnesium parts that were given to me that are lightweight and will ensure a long life in case you want to switch out hinges and rotate annually etc. Robert Luna serviced it about two years ago, the pin has been shaved so that it fits Pro and Tiffen Socket blocks. Comes with an arm bag, cover sleeves and a 6in arm post. Asking $5000 USD obo
  5. M-one motor (recently serviced) Lots of cables including: -Pro power -Aaton power -dtap> power -2pin>2pin -Back up antennas for motor driver and hand unit -Marking rings & 15mm>19mm step up rings -Motor gear pitch wheels and backup motor 5pin>5pin cables Motor Driver has a Pro DB bracket receiver so you can slide it onto your diving board if you're sporting a DB. Comes in a peli with a backup 9v and a really useful motor bracket that sticks motor out further and gives more mounting options. *things to note*: (HU battery wire/spring was stretched recently on a show when switching batteries it stuck to the battery upon removal, works fine you just have to push the battery more than usual to slide the door closed on the HU because the spring isn't fully compressed.) $2,900 Located in LA.
  6. Checking here before going new.. If anyone has a spare they're willing to part away with please PM me.
  7. I've personally used this gyro, and can confirm It is in pristine condition, and surprisingly quiet.
  8. Got an extra 1.5" ring. Used it with Pro Post and GAD2. $50
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