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  1. HEDEN CARAT Lens Control Kit (Complete) for sale. Have owned since 2016 (handset since mid 2017) but it was bought as a backup so hasn't been used all that much. Been a great system but not using it anymore so selling it cheap. Includes - Heden Handset - Heden MDR - Heden M26VE High Tourque Motor - 8 Blank Marking Discs - 4x Motor Gears (0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8) - 2x Motor Cables - 2x Dtap Power Cables - 1x Arri Run Cable - 1x RED Run Cable - Lanyard, Case, Spare Aerial, 19-15mm insert - 4 Battery iPowerUS 9V Battery Charger I don't think I'll include the 4 rechargeable batteries since that will make shipping more complicated, however if it can be done easily then I'm more than happy to include 4 batteries too. $2900USD Kit is located in NZ. Happy to ship internationally at buyers expense. Contact me at nat.brunt@gmail.com
  2. Selling my Clipper 2 kit. This includes: Steadicam Clipper 2 Sled G50 Arm plus soft case Ultra Vest plus soft case Docking bracket UltraBright 1 Monitor Cables HD - SD AJA Signal Converter Hard Cases Extra mounting plate Low mode bracket Allan tool Tool pouch Arm rain covers In good condition. Looking for US$16,000. Selling from NZ so can ship at buyers expense. Lastly, I am selling as I have upgraded to an M1 with a Volt which I currently use. I have also been on the waiting list for a Volt for this Clipper 2 since April. So whoever buys this rig can take over that place on the waiting list if you're keen to get a Volt. But buying this rig does not obligate you to get the Volt either. Just let me know.
  3. Hi Dash. I also have a Clipper 2 and have been considering the same thing. I know this thread is old but did you manage to find out anything about it? I have done a bit of research myself.
  4. Also is it the same post diameter as Tiffen's current big rigs (e.g. Ultra 2, Shadow etc)?
  5. Does anyone know if the tilt stage is 20 degrees tilt like the Ultra/Ultra 2 stage or 15 degrees like the medium stage? Or is it something else?
  6. I was in contact with Brant Fagan who sells them and he said they are out of stock but will do another run of Version 3 Antlers soon. That was back in Feb this year. Haven't heard anything since.
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