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  1. Ok, thanks. So upgrade should be the right way.
  2. Thanks Jerry for your feedback, means a lot to me. I noticed that on the G-70 during run shots vibrations are transferred to the post. After talking with a colleague who worked on G-70 and G-70X after upgrade and new G-70X. He says that G-70 and G-70X after upgrade still transfer vibrations, only new G-70X there is no vibrations problem. That's why I think between buying used Luna Arm for run shots and leaving G-70 without upgrade or do only g-70 upgrade. But I'm not sure if these little mechanical differences you mentioned are causing the vibration problem in G-70 and G-70X after upgrade?
  3. I join the question. Is it worth upgrading the G70 to G70x. I heard that after the upgrade to X it does not work the same as the new G 70x?
  4. Transvideo are pretty strong, impact resistant. How it looks like with SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright, is it strong enough to work regularly on steadicam?
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