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  1. Hi all, Putting my trusty Master Arm for sale after a thorough service at MK-V. In great shape, flies smooth and true. Asking for £4500 or nearest offer (+ VAT if applicable), located in London. Includes: Long and short arm posts for the large Tiffen size (3/4"). Solid aluminium 5/8" arm posts for use with Pro/MKV/Artemis/M2/Betz/XCS/etc sleds GPI Pro Low-mode bracket Arm Sleeve Cheers for looking, E
  2. Hi chaps, I’ve been the sole owner of everything listed, and can vouch that every last screw has been lovingly looked after and is ready to shoot. Would love everything to go as one. £16,000 OBO. Based in London - you’re very welcome to come check it out on set or in my living room. Email emilio dot film at gmail dot com. Cheers for looking! 1) Sachtler Artemis Sled (1.8” post, HD-SDI, 12/24V, great condition) 2) Betz Wave 1 (boxed as new, with sled cables) 3) Transvideo RainbowHD 7” High-Brightness Monitor hybrid bracket (scuffs on the casing, a few scratches that disappear once the screen is on) 4) Transvideo Starlite 5” low-mode Monitor (boxed as new, with sled cables, low-mode bracket) 5) Sachtler Artemis docking bracket - frankly awful design, replace with Hill bracket ASAP :/ 6) 6 x IDX 146Wh batteries + 4-way Charger 7) Peli Sled Case (iM3100) 8) Cables, dovetail plates, brackets etc.
  3. Thanks for that, Ken. If that's what we're questioning here: one puts tape under the docking ring, because on this particular sled, it rides up very gradually, and the stage cannot be tilted without a bit of a gap below it. I am glad you have never encountered this minor hindrance in your own day-to-day. Best, Emilio
  4. Hello 'Tete', everyone. I was the seller of this rig. Thought I'd write publicly as it breaks my heart to see something so terrible happen to someone's very expensive investment, so soon after making the deal - but I feel I have to emphasise that there was nothing wrong with that post when I shipped it! I had been using it on set happily and exclusively for three years with some ungodly loads until I opted to upgrade, and it never so much as squeaked (though I often did). It was a fine rig (the tape you refer to, Tete, was there only to provide a bit of grip underneath the docking rig and stop it sliding up slowly, as it tended to do over time). That such a catastrophic structural failure could happen during a simple static balance is baffling - it looks like that post has been through something much more serious than that. But, to re-iterate, never while in my possession. I'm sorry this happened to you, Tete, truly. I'm not sure how I might help, but if you'd like to call, anytime, you have my number. Emilio Schlappi
  5. Dropping the price to £11,500. Also willing to split the package up, if anybody would like to make an offer for the arm, sled or vest alone. Cheers, E
  6. Hi everyone, I'm curious to hear what real-life advantages people have found to using a thick 2" or 1.8" post, compared to, say, a 1.5" diameter? Is everything noticeably more rigid, even with a short, normal-mode sled? What about with a fully-extended sled? Looking forward to your thoughts, Emilio
  7. Hi chaps, My Ultra 1 is up for sale. I'll be sad to see this one go - it has been my one and only rig for two years, and has never let me down. As you might expect there are some minor cosmetic marks in places like the arm covers or the vest's fabrics, but functionally everything is rock solid and flies smooth as butter. 24V or 12V power comes from V-Locks (not included), which means you can power any camera from the top-stage (cables for Alexa or XLR4 included, amongst others), and the HD-SDI cable I slipped and secured down the post in the beginning has never failed. I'm throwing in a venerable Transvideo Rainbow (SD) monitor, but you'll certainly want to make use of that HD cable at some point! The tilt-stage (un-motorised) and four-stage post are frequently useful features which I'll miss in my next sled, and the tool-free Master/Ultra arm will be difficult to top, honestly. So to sum up, the package INCLUDES: Ultra 1 Cine Sled (HD/V-LOCK/24V/Four-stage Post/Tilt Stage) Ultra 1 Arm (inc. 6" and 12" posts) Ultra 1 Vest Hill Dock Transvideo SD Monitor, Mounting Bracket Dovetail Plate, Power Cables, Video Cables etc. ASKING PRICE £12,000 (no VAT charged) EU delivery at buyer's expense, local pick-up in West London more than welcome. Contact me at emilio dot film at gmail dot com anytime if you'd like to make an offer, simply to have a look at the rig, or just for a chat. All the best, Emilio
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