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  1. Damien Tessandier

    Inovativ Cart set up

    Scout 37, as many other ops here in France. Beside the steadi aks kit, I added a set of handles on the rear, plus a drawer under the top shelf. After 3 years I have had to replace 2 sets of ball bearings. After 4 a crack appeared on my bottom shelf and I had to fix this too. My cart has travelled a lot and spent a good amount of time in camera trucks or uneven grounds. That's probably why I had those issues. Anyway, usefull piece of gear!
  2. Damien Tessandier

    Who has used the OS "Jackall"- Rickshaw so far?

    Just bought one, not much have been sold yet. I'll let you know how it feels. Anyway, OS seems to be one of the most experienced rickshaw users and builders, their product should be great.
  3. Damien Tessandier

    Steadicam ULTRA 2 for sale

    Where is the gear located? New zealand? I'd be interested in the vest. Price? Thx
  4. Damien Tessandier


    how much would you sell it?
  5. Damien Tessandier

    rig bed on the truck

    Am I the only one leaving it on my cart, as he is on set? Just holding the lower part with a magic arm? Am I totally dumb or anyone else does the same?
  6. Damien Tessandier

    Tiffen M1 sled vs. GPI modular sled

    And I would love to come on set with a G70x beside my Pro arm!
  7. Damien Tessandier

    Tiffen M1 sled vs. GPI modular sled

    M-1 is obviously longer and probably heavier than Pro cinelive. Which is a big deal. I do my best to keep my rig as short as possible (mainly adding dead weight on the battery rack part of the sled). This may sound dumb... I know :-) But I like my tilthead, I like my telescopic center post, I like adding inertia on my sled by extending battery rack, ect... Many things that are not so easy to achieve with a Pro, in my opinion. Plus, we all get used to work with our rig, we know how to make it work the way we like. Long story short: I would love to come on set with a Pro beside my M1.
  8. Damien Tessandier

    Tiffen M1 sled vs. GPI modular sled

    I fly M-1 on a Pro arm. I've flown G-70 for years too, and it's a great piece of gear. For some reason I ended up with a Titan, and I'm happy with it. This combo I like a lot. M-1 is very easy to set up, and I use and love many of its features. As everybody keeps saying, you got to give it a try... and make your own opinion.
  9. Damien Tessandier

    Sony Venice

    Hi all! My next job will fly a Sony Venice. I looking for infos or thought from ops would have already flown it! Balance, weight, Power, ... Thanks
  10. Brand new/ never opened. For sale in France (shipping price :-/ ) 50€
  11. Damien Tessandier

    The Betz Wave system review??

    I shot a few sequences on a TV show last month with handheld wave1. Mounted directly on my Betz Shoulder set, added a Starlight clamped on the Alexa. Raises the camera level noticeabily! But no big deal. Pans are pretty clean :-) and allows fast moves. Anyway, director didn't feel comfortable with this kind of framing. It's very different than what we're used to, you've got that "organic feeling" but with an almost perfect level... Don't know how to deal with that, how to use it in an academical way of telling stories with a camera.
  12. Damien Tessandier

    Aladin Mark1 Batteries

    Looking to buy Aladin 1 batteries. Paypal or bank transfer. Got my fedex account for pick up. Thanks
  13. Damien Tessandier

    FULL Steadicam PACKAGE to Sell in PARIS

    Bonjour, je suis sur Paris. Si jamais vous ne trouvez pas un acheteur pour le kit complet, merci de noter que serais vivement intéressé par la partie stead: Sled/monit/ Batts + Bras + veste. Je suis dispo à partir semaine prochaine pour passer jeter un oeil. Merci
  14. Damien Tessandier

    Vibration in low mode shots

    Hi! This problem has been debated in other forum, go check in "operating" sled, or use the search motor. Give more infos on your setup too. This kind of vibration usually occurs with sandwiched setup ;-) Too many plates between top stage and camera body!
  15. Damien Tessandier

    M1 Owner, opinions about your gear please!

    Thanks Guys! I own an Ultra 2 for years now, tilt head is an important tool for me!