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  1. Is your rig still for sale?

    1. Cameron Mclean

      Cameron Mclean


  2. I have a ProVid rig with a Master Series Arm but the docking bracket is bent. My original Steadicam System was stolen a few months ago so i borrowed this one to get me by until I can get something else. I heard the Archer 2 docking bracket will work but I don't have the $450 to spend. Does anyone else have any suggestions on what i could buy please? Much appreciated. JT 310 819 5023
  3. Hello Jerry Jason Glucksman gave me your name and said you made your own gear. I have an OLD ProVid Steadicam system which has a docking bracket which is old. The part that slides into the steadicam to balance it, is bent. It is only two pieces with one bolt. Hoping you have an easy fix solution. My last rig was stolen 6 weeks ago and I borrowed this dinosaur from a friend and it needed all kinds of repair and upgrades to be able to work. Thanks in advance for your time. JT

    1. Jamie JT Trent

      Jamie JT Trent

      From what I have been told, you do not answer questions from new people.

      I have been in this forum for a couple of years but had to begin a new account when I couldnt access other account.




  4. I have a ProVid Steadicam with a master series arm and I need to buy a docking mount to balance the Steadicam. Are some of the more recent steadicam systems sized the same? as I am having troubles locating an original ProVid part. Any help or suggestions where to go would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. JT
  5. Hey Jason Maybe I am calling it the wrong name? As you can see, the part that the arm slides onto, is bent pretty bad and there is no way to balance the rig unless someone has a secret mickey mouse fix or I can buy a new part. I called Tiffen multiple times and nobody answered. So any help or ideas would be really great at this point and thanks ahead of time. JT
  6. I have an old Pro Vid Steadicam and need to replace the docking bracket because old one is bent. Does anyone have an old one that they can afford to sell? Or if anyone has other suggestions for where to buy it, I would be grateful Thanks JT
  7. I would say now is a good time to really get the ball rolling again.

  8. I was interested in this workshop to refresh. Are there still openings? Regards Jamie
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