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  1. We just added one like new X20 trade show demo to stock for only $3200.00, email sales@glidecam.com for more info
  2. 30 Year Anniversary Sale. Glidecam Gold Sled sale, save $6,900.00, not only $9,995.00 https://glidecam.com/product/glidecam-gold-sled/
  3. Dear Matt, I wish Glidecam Industries could get one of the new Glidecam V-25 systems to you by Monday. The fact is that while we continue to ship units everyday the demand is so high on the new Glidecam V-25 that the current lead time for new orders is now about 60+ days. Best regards, David Stevens davids@glidecam.com
  4. The Glidecam V-25 system will handle cameras up to 25 lbs and is HD ready when you are. David
  5. The Glidecam Gold rig at Alan Gordon Enterprises has been there for a few years now as a demo/rental unit. It was one of the first ten arm socket pin blocks made to fit the Glidecam Gold Vest. The newer version out for the past two + years has an updated pin and has not been a problem fitting all other vests on the market past and present. Best regards, David P. Stevens davids@glidecam.com
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