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  1. kc_kennicutt

    Tilta Nucleus-M

    I've never used it personally, but an AC I work with a lot says that he doesn't like it. Too much lag was his main reasoning, but I guess it works in a pinch.
  2. kc_kennicutt

    Archer 2 sled with G50-X arm use in the field

    What Josh said. I have the same set up and It's great. Just make sure to ask the right questions before you take the job so you don't end up with something out of the weight range of the sled. Which can happen, but for most set ups it works perfectly fine.
  3. I'm looking to buy a wireless video set up. Message me here or email me at kckennicutt@gmail.com. Best, KC Kennicutt
  4. kc_kennicutt

    Janice Arthur Weight Cage

    Hello all, I know it's been talked about here times before, but I just wanted to put a plug in for Janice Arthur and her weight cages. I purchased one a few weeks back and it is a really solid purchase. Janice is also great to work with and is incredibly helpful. There were some shipping problems on the USPS end of things, but she was super fast in fixing the issue that wasn't even her fault to begin with. So there it is, if you need a weight cage contact Janice Arthur (Steadijan@hotmail.com) . Best, KC Kennicutt
  5. Hi all, I'm in the market for v-mount batteries and a charger if anyone has anything they'd like to unload (or have any suggestions of any deals). You can contact me here or at kckennicutt@gmail.com Thanks, KC Kennicutt
  6. kc_kennicutt

    Archer Rig

    For sale*
  7. kc_kennicutt

    Archer Rig

    I have purchased a rig, so I am no longer in the market for a this. I do need batteries (V-mount) and a wireless video though if anyone has any of those for sell.
  8. kc_kennicutt

    Archer Rig

    Just sent a PM. Thanks!
  9. kc_kennicutt

    Archer Rig

    Hello all, I'm starting the process of looking for an archer 2 sized kit (or larger if at the right price). Feel free to contact me here or at KC.Kennicutt@gmail.com. Thanks, KC Kennicutt
  10. kc_kennicutt

    Power Cables

    Hey all, I have a job coming up with a RED Epic/Scout and am looking for a 3 pin LEMO (male) to 6 pin LEMO (female) cable. I know Tiffen has one but does anyone have any other (cheaper) suggestions? Thanks, KC Kennicutt