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  1. If we need to adjust the price on a marketplace listing would you prefer us to re-list it or comment on it with the adjusted price. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the update, Kevin! I've been out of the game for a bit.
  3. G70X arm in fantastic shape up for sale. Asking $11,500. Besides a couple very minor dings this arm is in like-new condition. I bought this two years ago from another operator who didn't really use it. I had intentions to use it more but ended up taking a different career path. The arm comes with the standard bag, a smaller stud for a zephyr (along with the standard size included), and a standard size socket block as I had a Zephyr vest. Located in NYC. Buyer pays for shipping. Would be able to show it in the NYC area.
  4. Hey guys, I have a live event coming up, and I need to see if anyone has used a Stanton zoom/focus controller with the Zephyr. It looks like it should clamp onto the handle with no problem, but I want to make sure the power will work off of the sled. The Zephyr sled has two 12/24 volt three-pin lemo connections. Any help would be great. We'll be flying Sony 900 series ENG cams. Thanks! Ariel
  5. Thanks so much guys! I'm glad to hear there's an option to adjust this. That makes it way easier than having to send it in. All fixed and ready to get back to work!!
  6. Hey guys, I just got my new Zephyr in and I love it, but after my second shoot with it I noticed that the top stage and base are out of alignment by about three degrees. Does anyone know if this is something that I can adjust or does it need to be fixed by Tiffen? I looked and looked but for the life of me couldn't find any adjustments that wouldn't require taking the whole thing apart. Thanks!
  7. Hey Frederic, I'm very interested in buying one! How long does it take to get a standard version out the door? Thanks!
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