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  1. Hello, I registered on the forum in hope some of you can help me :) I'm a happy Steadicam Smoothee Operator and used it now almost 1.5 years. Recently I bought myself a Steadicam Merlin 2 for a good price in hope to even get better shots (especially when there's a little bit of wind). Now to my problem: I can't get the rig setup perfectly. I reach a drop-time of about 1-2 seconds but for example as soon I want to start panning the whole rig starts to spin around and going down+up to one side rather then panning. Moreover when I make a "test" where I spin the whole rig front-back-side-side it wont stay horizontally stable. Any tips how to improve that? I tried it with several combinations of weight/arc size/... but I always have problems. My whole camera setup has about 600 gramms (with dovetail-place) so shouldn't normally be too light for the Merlin. My setup right now: GoPro Hero 3 with Battery BacPac + extra weights Manfrotto 357 Quick-Release-Plate Arc size: on it's minimum Weights: front: 1 finish weight; bottom: 1 mid-weight and 1 finish-weight. when operating I'm using the one-hand-technique (like it more than with two hands). Would be very happy if some of you can give me tips how to properly balance a camera like this. Thanks!
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