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  1. Which Anton Bauer battery is used for the Steadicam Pilot AB . . . Thinking of buying a used Pilot and none of them come with the battery and charger. Just trying to figure what my additional costs will be. Thank you.
  2. I would like to demo a Steadicam Pilot AB before I buy one. I was an experienced camera operator years ago, but have been out of it for awhile. And due to some major leg injuries, I am concerned about the weight and my physical limitations. I don't plan on trying to make a living at this, but more for my own personal projects . . but who knows. It would know very quickly whether or not I could handle this thing. . . If I could, I would certainly buy it then take some seminars, etc. I live in Sacramento and would love to demo one in either San Francisco or Los Angeles which is probably where I would have to go to find one. . . .I am planning a vacation to L.A. in a couple of months anyway. . . . Anybody have suggestions as to where I could Demo one? Again, when I say demo one, I am not looking to rent one for the full day . . .. Just put it on and try it out . . .Thanks. Kurtis G.
  3. I am just starting out and would be shooting with a DSLR under 10 lbs. I am considering buying a Steadicam Pilot AA. Two questions. One, the Pilot AB allows for the monitor be powered by an Anton Battery. Does the Anton give you longer power on the monitor vs. the AA? I am assuming the Anton Battery is also adding more weight? Is that bad or good? By adding some weight does it stabilize it a bit more or are you just trading weight for longer battery power? Second question is the Pilot AA vs. a Glide cam system with vest, arm and sled? K.G.
  4. I am a longtime camera op, but not a Steadicam op. I've been thinking of transitioning or adding Steadicam to my craft so I am currently doing as much research as possible . . . I've notice on Ebay, a ton of what seem to be knockoffs. . . Came, Laing brand, etc. . . Obviously very cheap ($500-800) compared to a real Steadicam. Anybody used these before? I notice most are for up to a 7kg load which is probably designed only for a DSLR. Are they okay for that use? Are they significantly less in performance? Also, how do they get away with calling it Steadicam . . . or is it just illegal patent infringement and are not worth pursuing? Any thoughts on these rigs? I did a search on the forums and didn't find much discussion. . . . Somebody must be buying these or they wouldn't continue to make them. . . Again, I'd love to hear your guys and gals thoughts about these. Thanks.
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